You didn’t know this, but I entered an apple pie in a local contest on the weekend.

Yup, made a showpiece-pie with our own apples, Grandma Brown’s recipe, right in between apple-cider making, sheep-shearing, chicken-pot-pie-making, funeral-wreath-making, singing-at-the-memorial-servicing….

I had hesitated to enter the contest because I’m a winner at losing.  In my whole life, I’m not one to win things.  I don’t take bets.  I lose them.  SO, I hesitated.

But, pressure, people! Two different parties encouraged me to enter.  (Two! That’s akin to a mob.)

I said ‘what the heck’ and gave it our best.  Dropped the beauty off right out of the oven into the hands of the organizers at the  Shaftsbury Historical Society’s reenactment preparations at the old Galusha homestead.

I felt good about that pie.  But you know, I couldn’t fuss over it any more than the usual pie that goes out our kitchen door.  And I don’t let pies go out the door that I don’t feel good about.

That was that.

Fourth place, folks.  Loser again.  But I got the nicest email from one of the organizers.  I feel great about that:

“Sorry you didn’t win.  You missed third place by 1 point.  If you saw 1st place, you’ll understand why that pie won.  Very artfully decorated.  2nd place pie had nuts in it with looked like a sugar cookie crust.  3rd was more of a deep dish pie.  Judges wrote on your scorecard…classic American pie, tastes like grandma baked it. Not everyone had written comments on their cards.

Thank you for entering. We had more activity at the pie table this year.  I hope next year will be bigger & that you’ll enter another pie….and win!”

OH!  How kind.

But I won’t be entering.  I’ll be too busy eating humble-pie.

porch rail pies, cooling under Schilling's watchful eye

porch rail pies, cooling under Schilling’s watchful eye

Pies cooling, fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven

Good pie

Good pie

pies in the pie-mobile, ready for delivery

pies in the pie-mobile – Farmer Tam’s delivery rig

18 responses to “Loser

  1. I think you should enter again next year! Fourth place is very honorable too! You are a winner in my book farmer Tammy! Oh and by the way my kids have not used “Old McDonald’s” name in the song since our visit way too long ago!

    • Julie, I replied to you but it came up below as a new thread! So, I’m sorry for the delay. Don’t know what happened there!

  2. AWWW! Julie! Char & I were talking about you guys this morning! We’re shearing again, soon – wish you and the littles could come. We have an adorable duckling that lives in the house now. She follows me EVERYWHERE!!! The kids would love her! And there are still chicks. And the turkeys are a riot lately. And the lambs are still small enough the kids could cuddle them!
    Thanks for the kind comment! I’m not sure I can be persuaded to enter again, but then again, I am sort of spineless 😉

  3. Good for you for entering! And fourth place is nothing to sneeze at (as long as no one sneezed on the pies.. ew…). And… I have a feeling it was pretty amazingly delicious. Whoever got to eat it was the winner….

    • Ha! That really is true! It smelled heavenly when I dropped it off.

      No sneezing around here. But, for a small amount of time, well, I was sort of imagining the glory of winning…. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, the kind words, Rebecca!

  4. You, my dear, are never a loser. You are a winner of living life to the fullest and sharing with all around you. I am missing my Tammy moments and feel that it is high time we got together! That picture of all the pies on the porch railing reminds me of something my Dad dreamed about…he always wanted to ‘steal’ a freshly baked pie out of someone’s window and eat the whole thing! I imagine he has done that a-plenty up in Heaven-and right now, I imagine he is showing Gerritt around to all the folks eager to meet him. xoxo

    • Bonnie! Thank you. I was thinking the very same thing, today, that I am hoping you still would WANT to get together. It’s been an eternity, no? I love the vision of your dad stealing pies! I love it! And he & Gerrit up there, getting into mischief. I can see it.
      Thank you so much! I’m a loser at contests for some very odd reason – but there a lot of lessons gained from losing, which means I’m the winner in the end 🙂 And thank you for “stopping” by the old blog. Come by the real farm when you’re next heading south? Love to you, flower-friend.

  5. Not enter next year? What … are you kidding. No way can you not enter next year. Joanna is the same way about entries she makes and has made of her knitted and woven garments at a couple of local fairs. Judging is a ‘funny’ thing and you’ll find that from year-to-year what judges look for can be a moving target. That is, if the composition of the panel is changed from year to year. If the panel remains the same … the same prejudices remain from year to year. [I could relate stories about 4H livestock judging as well … but we won’t go there this evening.] This is the voice of experience talking Tammy! It was clear from the email you were sent that the judges were looking for certain things … focus on those next year. If folks simply threw up their hands and didn’t participate because they didn’t think they were going to win … well then, there would be no contest, and what sort of fun would that be? No … absolutely not. You MUST enter next year. You don’t enter to win … you enter to participate! You may not have been the winner of a blue ribbon but you’re a blue ribbon kinda person … that’s pretty darn clear … and that, my Dear Farmer, is what’s really important. There … hrmph (again) … I’ve had my say. D

    PS: I was such a loser when I was a kid … all my friends were winning trophies for this and for that, and I had not a single one. Would you believe my mother went to a trophy shop and purchased a trophy for me? I repeat … what a loser.

    • Gosh, I feel worse now! 🙂 I’m not sure I will compete again because I make 30-40 pies a week some times and on the one hand, it seems I’m not really in the same league. I can make them in my sleep and they’re very tasty. But the folks that are entering these contests, I think they’d get upset if they found out I won because I make so many. (Maybe I psychosomatically made an inferior pie because of this? Does that make sense or am I using the term incorrectly? Anyway, good one, Farmer Tam!)
      O.k., feeling the pressure! I will consider it.
      Gosh I just fell apart laughing when I heard what your mother had done! Oh dear!
      Joanna is a true artist – there is no comparing her skills to mine. I’m a jack of all trades, a master of none. I see her as a master(or mistress) of the loom, the fiber. I bow down before her!
      Thanks for the stop by, the read, D. You’re great fun to hear from!

  6. Hi Spiritual sister 🙂 yes, you are a winner in the everyday life ! leave it to other to be THE WINNER, it reminds me of one time, when I went together with my wife, doing a lot of knitting, handicrafts, using all kinds of materials, to a market up here in Northern Norway, and some Russian handicraft folks were selling their stuff, claiming that their technique making baskets, weaved by using bark from trees, was UNIQUE, while many other people around the world have done that for centuries !

    • Thank you to a friend in Norway! I appreciate your kind thoughts. I think I realize that by losing there are so many lessons to gain that you are a winner anyway! Look at all of the wonderful support I have! And, actually, none of us are losers if we go out and try our best. (I think it all means, that the greatest prize is still out there!)

    • Thank you! Darn tasty is right, the cats and dogs are extremely well behaved around here that I can put those pies out to cool like that!
      Nice of you to drop in! Much appreciation to you!

  7. Hi Tammy, I think you should enter for next year but now practice adding art looks to your taste that they liked. Maybe cut out horses or other farm animal cut outs on the top of the pie. Practice during the year on the looks. Good Luck Patty Smith, Shaftsbury, a friend of Jimmys

    • Hi Patty: Thank you! What a great idea! WInter time is my good time for experimenting. We’ll see if I can come up with something I feel confident about but, above all, still tastes delicious!
      And hurray – a friend of Jimmy’s is a friend of ours! He’s like my 4th kid. What an awesome young man, no?! Nice to meet you, Patty!
      Thank you for the kind comment, for dropping in on the farm!

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