Cover(all) Girl

Oh glory, if you had ever told me that I’d be sharing the cover of Modern Farmer with Mick Jagger, no, I don’t think I would’ve fathomed it.

But in this link to a great article put together by Lori Rotenberk, in Chicago, you will discover exactly that.

Here’s the back story:  A few years ago, Niels Windfeld Lund, who lives in Denmark and goes by the title, “Bibfessor“, discovered my blog when I’d written about my work uniform.  He and I formed a friendship based on our shared appreciations of nature, farm life, and work ethics.  Not to mention we both sport similar fashion sense.

This season, Modern Farmer decided to run an aricle on overalls in farm life and discovered Niels.  Niels pointed them, Lori, my way.  Lori called me up and we had a phone interview while I was cleaning my chicken coop.

I stood in the doorway of the coop with a very loud Almonzo (my Faverolle rooster) in the background, sketchy cell service, and coop-dust filling my sinuses.

Isn’t farm life so poetic?

Oh, it’s not such-a-much because I’m not quoted about how to accomplish world peace, which is something I’ve prayed about every single night since I was a little girl.  And it doesn’t help burn victims, which is the other thing I’ve prayed about every single night since I was a little girl.

I will tell you that I spoke with Lori at length, and of course the conversation had to be edited to make room for my overall-wearing-colleagues’ interviews. However, I am glad that a hint to my work-ethic rant was included.

Dedicating this to my mom.

Enjoy my references to invisible tractors & the lasso of truth.

Cover(alls) Girl Farmer Tam with the real stars, the Shetland Sheep of Wing and a Prayer Farm

Cover(alls) Girl Farmer Tam with the real stars, the Shetland Sheep of Wing and a Prayer Farm


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  1. Hi Tammy, congratulations to both of us, I’ll say ! I think Lori has made a really good job, sort of telling what it is all about, how to live and what we believe is good life and yes, we are doing it that in the middle of all the things to be done right here and now !:) and even when we are tired , we some how enjoy just being ! if you have any chance, I will recommend a movie for you, “another year” a movie about an urban family, but somehow about the same issues we have been talking about ! and the other thing is that I hope you will be home in Mid-August next year ?, since I’m going to Ohio for a conference in the beginning of August and thought of going via you on my way home ? I suppose you won’t have any shearing at that time or.., but perhaps we can make some other kind of sharing, for instance how to patch overalls, now my wife has decided that it’s my own business :), she has enough of other creative clothing projects herself 🙂 for now most overall greetings from the little farmhouse in Denmark

    • Hi Niels. Yes, Lori sure did a great job. I wish it could’ve reflected all of the work/interviews I know that she put into it, but she says she has another in-depth article coming out soon. Can’t wait to read it! I put “Another Year” in my Netflix queue so I can see it – I’ll let you know how I like it! And yes, Mid-August we will find something to share on the farm – can’t wait to host! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a “Northeast” Overalls gathering – you could start hosting regional events in addition to the International events!!! 🙂

      What a great idea for your wife’s use of her sewing skills. I love it! My daughter has made some adorable aprons with overalls. They get snatched right up. People love them!

      Have a wonderful and cozy afternoon in Denmark in your little farmhouse. I just came in from a very cold morning of chores here. Brrr! It’s hat and mitten time of year again, and hot tea, and I’m making jam with concord grapes to sell at the local farm stand. (That heats up the kitchen!)

      • Hi Tammy, yes, overall parties looks like to be a regular part of my senior life 🙂 yes, we could also invite Meg Paska, who also have had bees like you ! I think I formulated it wrongly about my wife; she has told me that I she has her own sewing projects, not with overalls but other things like making skirts out of damaged umbrellas, she will wear them in New Orleans 🙂 so I need to patch my overalls myself 🙂 and I might stitch them by hand ! something to do sitting to the fireplace when the wind is blowing outside, and right now there are quite strong winds, and then it is really nice to be indoor and having homemade jam out of our apples ! it’s too cold for grapes here !

    • CurtissAnn, I bet you welcome the coolness! Thank you for the stop-by and the read. It’s a nice little article, but I know that Lori put a ton into it to give a nice cultural tribute to farmers which might not have really been portrayed. She says she has a longer article that she will be publishing soon – I can’t wait to read it. She is coming back to journaling after a couple of years off when she was helping out at home with ailing parents. So she has some amazing writing skills to share. I hope she is successful – she was a pleasure to work with over this article.

      What a fun job, to interview people and find out their stories…

      Have a wonderful day – am jamming up a storm to sell to the local farm stand this morning. Its so cold now that my hands have been ice cubes for an hour since I’ve been inside, even though I had gloves on for chores!!!

    • Ha! I like that, Sandy! Thank you for the “visit”, thank you for your fun comments! (I think I might rather share autographs with “American Gothic” than Mick Jagger!)

    • 🙂 I find its difficult to come by the right pair! So I really struck pay-dirt when, years ago, I came by my pair. I never can seem to find any to replace them, though I have newer pairs.
      In the winter I have to switch over to my insulated coveralls, though, because I FREEZE!

      Thanks for the read & good luck!!!!

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