All Good Gifts

I set the alarm to put all 31 pounds of turkey into the oven at the set start time this morning.  Now my house, at 6:19 a.m., smells like parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme…and coffee.  About to throw some gorgeous looking Pumpkin Brioche Buns into the other oven so that my good-old-days house-full will be able to wake up to them hot & fresh for breakfast. Three out of 5 cats have stepped out into the new snow with tentative paws, skirting the side of the house as they make their way through the chenille stems of old garden rose bushes and last season’s daylily stalks to find a cold a.m. adventure.  Two dogs are lying at my feet while their kibble digests, hugging the floor before we head out to the barn.

I’m eager to feast my eyes upon today’s New England postcard-picture that waits upon the sunrise.  I’m eager to turn out the sheep and goats that I’d stalled yesterday in the face of rain, sleet & snow to help them conserve energy by staying dry in the colder temps this morning.  I’m eager to hear the banter and the laughter, the barking at arrivals, the kitchen raucous and the overall music of having my loved ones near.

There’ll be a bounty on our table today, much of which has been harvested that I’d prepped in days prior.  Some of which is on it’s way with our incoming family.  I could write a post that simply covers the menu, and although delectable, it’d possibly be tedious.  I love reading and seeing the goodness from the kitchens that keep popping up in all of my internet subscriptions, magazine pages in the grocery newsstands and in the cookbooks strewn about in my house.

Today is a day that we set aside to share meals together all over our country. For me, this year, there is joy in coming together to be at the table not only for the celebration of dishes, but especially in celebrating all good gifts.  I’m over-the-moon, welled-up inside over having my family all together, but also especially mindful of all of those that are experiencing this gathering day in a myriad of ways.  I love how every stage of life is full of new lessons, new insight and I never cease to wonder at what I don’t know and what is yet to be encountered.  Thanksgiving gratitudes provide an excellent pause to reflect, together or alone, on what is good.

Today I reflect on Grace.



8 responses to “All Good Gifts

    • Thank you, Rebecca. I am grateful for you, too! So glad to have met this past year. Hope your kitchen is warm and your goatsies content! Happy day to you. Here’s a hug from Shaftsbury!

  1. An early morning post from an early morning riser – love that! I second Rebecca’s comment – just beautiful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family around you!!

    • Thank you, Sandy! Hope you and yours had a good time together, as well, and you have been such a wonderful support. I am grateful to you!

  2. Wonderful writing, wonderful sentiment. And a gorgeous setting described in such a way that I felt present in it. Have a wonderful day with your family – happy Thanksgiving to you!

    • Lauren: Thank you for the kind words. What another blessing to add in having spent a little time with you and yours this past summer! Hope your time was special – I’ll always remember my butternut from you! It always makes me happy to think of that day…:-)

  3. Sounds like a good time will be had by all. Enjoy. We had the best of friends from Indiana come all the way to visit. A quiet gathering but relaxing. [Spoke to eldest daughter via Skype from Switzerland … she and husband have recently gone there for work … talk about bittersweet.] Please try to slow down just a bit so that you too may enjoy the day … just a very little bit. D + J

    • Thank you, D -always nice of you to comment! I just sat down to my reader and am sure enjoying your Retrospective post!!! Love some of those photos and recollect seeing them over the year. How nice of you to compile them so.
      We had a nice day – everyone enjoyed good food and good company, grateful for good health.
      Lots of work, as always, but worthwhile.
      Enjoy December!

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