Laurel’s Lamb Shower! LAMBCAM – LIVE CHAT Sunday March 30, 8pm, Episode 2

Here is a sample from last week’s LAMBCAM – LIVE CHAT! 

Laurel’s Lamb Shower this Sunday, March 30th at 8p.m.(EST), for LAMBCAM – LIVE CHAT!                                   Ask your questions in the comments-section below or tweet them at Farmer Tam (@wingandaprayerf) & Farmer Tam will answer them             LIVE from the sheep stall.

Tune in to find out what kinds of gifts an expectant ewe can use.

We’ll be celebrating Laurel’s upcoming delivery from the sheep stall with our co-host Martha & possibly other special guests and there’ll be presents to unwrap! 

Below, check out our new and improved LAMBCAM – LIVE from Wing and A Prayer Farm in Shaftsbury, VT!  We’ve got the camera trained on Laurel, our Merino ewe, that is due any day in the next week or so.  If you have problems loading the page, try refreshing in your browser or updating to be sure you have the latest version of flash.


Wing and A Prayer Farm PIE GIVEAWAY:  How can you win? Just subscribe to our blog (unless you already do) and leave a comment in the comment-section below. Subsequent questions can be asked and the entries will be submitted separately. (By filling out your email address on the right side and then clicking “E-I-E-I-O”  -make sure to check your email for a confirmation– then you’ll be a subscriber!)  If you already subscribe to the blog, you can participate in the giveaway by asking your farm-related question in this blog’s comments’ section.  We’ve been focusing on sheep and lambing questions, but feel free to ask other questions as well about how we run the farm here in Vermont.  We’ll announce the winner, chosen by random-number, at the conclusion of lambing/kidding season, somewhere around May 15th. Check back here on May 16th for winner’s announcement.

You can also leave comments about anything fun you noticed while viewing.

To make lambcam full-screen, click on the full-screen symbol on the bottom right of the camera window.

4 responses to “Laurel’s Lamb Shower! LAMBCAM – LIVE CHAT Sunday March 30, 8pm, Episode 2

  1. I almost missed this post … found it ‘down’ a long string of posts which have come in over the weekend. Please accept my apology for not attending this evening. All my best wishes to Laural however for a speedy, successful, and event-free delivery. D

    • Oh, thank you for the comment! It was a great “show” and Laurel and the rest of the ewes are happy for it to be over! No, really though, the ewes love the attention when we sit in the stalls with them. There was a little snafu with cupcakes that you missed….much hilarity.

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