Mother’s Day Weekend Open Farm

Open Farm

Open Farm

At a count of eleven new lambs this season and waiting on two Angora does to kid, a roving American Guinea Hog by the name of Princess Peppermint, two mewing, cagey Alpacas, bunches of sheep and poultry, this place is crawling with cuteness.

Lots of folk want to visit the farm and so we thought with an upcoming good weekend forecast, it might be nice to share.  Keeping in mind that we are a small farm, not nearly in the same league as Vermont’s educational farms such as Billings or Shelburne Farms, we don’t have staff or facilities.  Just us – which I think means me, Char, SJ, Coco & maybe Jim – floating around to answer questions and chat and discourage your kids from losing a finger to Peppermint.

O.k., you’ve got the spiel.  We love to share the lovelies and you know I could chat it up all day.

Two rules:

1.  Please don’t chase the chickens.

2. Don’t start throwing sticks for Cricket or Jackie.  There is no “off” button.


Happy Mama’s Day everyone!

Email me at to inquire for directions to the farm. – Farmer Tam

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