Books & Biscotti: Almost Famous Women

Almost Famous Women Biscotti in the morning light

Almost Famous Women Biscotti in the morning light

This past winter I decided I needed a new weapon in my arsenal of baked treats and worked on my biscotti-making skills.  I messed around with a number of recipes and learned lessons on what, how much, and when to include add-ins such as nuts and fruit, confections and flavors.  I acquainted myself with the timing of turning out the loaf and spritzing it to moisten the crust before cutting it with just the right blade to keep crumbling to a minimum.  I played with drizzles and toppings.  When I couldn’t sleep, I’d get out of bed and bake biscotti.  If I had extra energy at the end of the day, I’d bake biscotti.  If I got up in the night to check on the sheep, I’d bake biscotti.  One very early morning, after a stressful lamb delivery, everyone else went back to bed, but I made biscotti. It was a new part-time job I gave to myself.

Almost Famous Women by Megan Mayhew Bergman

Almost Famous Women by Megan Mayhew Bergman

My very inspiring, intelligent & caring friend, Megan, also lost a fair amount of sleep over the past winter and more while working on her soon-to-be-published “Almost Famous Women” collection of stories.  Megan is an author, and writing for a living is not anything like baking biscotti for fun, but I do know that we both bring our best to our crafts and put in an honest days’ work each and every day.  We’re moms with stay-at-home jobs meaning that breaks happen only if we give them to ourselves.  I still haven’t learned how to do that very well, and knowing Megan, she also finds herself constantly running out of time. The idea of tea-time or cafe cuppa, good book with reading glasses nearby, and delectable biscuits is a splurge in both of our realms(though Megan doesn’t need reading glasses yet.)  I have not had the pleasure of reading her newest collection, but I am intrigued that there are a couple of references to biscotti which led Megan to me for a recipe. I was very, shall I say it again?, very, excited to create something that would offer a tribute to this beautiful woman who is more than almost famous, more than ‘famous’.  To me, kindness beats fame.  I cannot turn out a sentence the way Megan can, but if I could, I would collect the words as eloquently as possible to tell you just how kind and generous her heart and soul are. The recipe and the creation of Almost Famous Women Biscotti has been a joyful project, and my daughter Char created an artistically perfect video to showcase this worthy title, worthy treat.  Enjoy the following & don’t forget to pre-order Megan Mayhew Bergman’s latest book:   Almost Famous Biscotti from charlotte white on Vimeo.

11 responses to “Books & Biscotti: Almost Famous Women

  1. The day never ends for you. You wring every last second out of it. You are inspiring to me…AND it appears all of those seconds have paid off in so very many ways. Loving the looks of that biscotti.

    • Thank you Joan! When I’m “on”, I am indeed wringing every second out of it, as you say. And when I’m not ‘on’, there’s a good pot of strong coffee helping me out! 🙂 Thanks again for the kind comments, the caring feedback. I am a HUGE fan of this recipe and mean to make some for myself some day!

  2. As someone who has eaten your almost famous biscotti, I can attest that each flavor and combination was a treasure, and soon will be, in fact, World Famous Biscotti!

    • Ah, Loretta, you are so generous! Careful, I’ll get the Big Head!
      But truly, I can’t wait to serve you biscotti again in a couple of months!! And see you and the gang here at the farm again!
      Thank you for the comment, the read, the support! Hugs to you & congratulation, Grandma!!!

  3. Looks like you’ve put me on to potential holiday gifts for a number of almost famous (and certainly strong, determined, capable, and intelligent) women of my own acquaintance. Also, I’m going to have to agree with Mark that perhaps Char should consider video production as a vocation – nicely done. D

  4. What a delight to read, from top to bottom. You and your friend sound like a perfect complimentary pair. The biscotti–and the book–sound like treats not to be missed!

    • Thank you, Rebecca! What’s not to love about biscotti and a good book, right? It’s nice when things work out this way. And I can imagine a toast/goat cheese liason would be a good one as well!

  5. Looking forward to tasting your Almost Famous Biscotti in September and loving it!! Wonderful video by Char! See ya soon! Judy

    • Thank you, Judy. Looking forward to serving it to you! Thank you for the comment and I’ll share your kindness with Char, too!

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