Almost Famous (Farm) Women

Author of Birds of a Lesser Paradise & Almost Famous Women's, Megan Mayhew Bergman, exchanging greetings with our new alpaca, 'Wilbur', in October

Author Megan Mayhew Bergman with Wilbur, the white Huacaya Alpaca, here at the farm in October 2014

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”                                                                                Muriel Rukeyser – American poet & political activist, Dec. 15, 1913 – Feb. 12, 1980

For two weeks I will be sharing a daily post that illustrates and celebrates Women in Agriculture in some form or fashion.

The following explains my purpose & inspiration:

First – the commercial:

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Megan’s writing reads like silk, clearly depicting characters’ that teach. Her stories make you catch your breath and consider, quite often leading to analyzing how and why and what.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read & re-read particular sketches to see if I could figure out a different means to the end, a way to cut through the tragedy or embrace the comedy of the characters’ experiences.

Next – the inspiration:

3. In appreciation and honor of the 13 stories Megan has written about the face of adversity, the growth lessons from the less-than-leading lady, the heartsick or heartswollen moments that make up life, I felt moved to share a message or memento about women in agriculture that are almost famous in their own rites.

One-a-day-quick-reads introducing glimpses into local, regional, national and international women farmers to educate & highlight the ‘ordinary heroines’ that have contributed blood, sweat and tears with little to no glamour.  I hope by lifting up women in all industry, but particularly women farmers, we offer empowerment & values to future generations, break the barriers that discourage respect, and take away an appreciation that we require in order to continue to feed and clothe the world in a sustainable & humane manner.

Stay with me through this – it’s something we can and should feel excited to discover, explore and have conversations about.  I look forward to sharing stories, not atoms, over the next 13 days.