December First

So as not to hyperventilate about the hype of the holidays, so as to savor, to record, to indulge and enjoy, I’ve decided a daily journal would help keep focus.  Brief lists, but in my style, include photos along the way.

Also, in my style, there will be a mild thread of organization, an abundance of activity, continued good things to show of it all.  And sometimes, bad things.  Like this morning, what did I do already?  Oh, when I was flinging the rinsed yarn round and round in the back yard to get the excess water out of it and I doused myself thoroughly.  And when I went downstairs to check on the progress of my freezer that I am defrosting and noticed that I had misplaced catch-towels and there was a veritable river of leaking water from the base, spreading across the floor.  And the flat flat tire on the truck.

In the barnyard:

Mocha continues to dispute the reduced grain-rationing.  The other sheep are happy/thrilled for the hay.  Mocha continues to bellow-baa loudly the entire time I am feeding and watering everyone.  She gets quiet when she doesn’t know I’m there.

Indy was more nimble than I’d anticipated. I will definitely bring him in this evening, though.

Custer had himself in a criss-cross-applesauce configuration with his marking harness.  I unlatched the gate to go inside and help him sort it out and he managed to step himself back into it properly, within that little bit of time that it took for me to allow myself inside the pasture.  Mary watched me for a bit.  She thinks I’m going to let her out very soon.  I think she’s doing fine with the others, Charlotte too, but they’ll be happy to go home because they don’t really get why they’re here.

Watching Poncho these days.  Is he limping?  All of the alpacas appear to be declining (in my head) because I’m so anxious about the meningeal parasite infection that came up in Indy, then in Hayden and in Thimble, too.

The horses definitely need their pasture picked.

Peppy approved of the pumpkin-guts in her morning mash.

Watched Neptune for a long while this morning.  He systematically woke up the Cruise Ships to get them on their feet.  I think he was feeling kind of randy.  The girls were totally not interested to get up.  It was clear they were resting soundly.  He’d nuzzle them round the face and he’d prod, prod, prod them near their shoulder with his hoof, insisting that they get up.  Eventually, the big girls would arise.  One at a time he woke them all up.  Then they’d walk around, looking for hay and he’d follow them, smelling the air, smelling where they’d pee.  That was it.

In the farmhouse:

Drove to mail a package to arrive in speedy fashion for a customer, but the front right tire of the truck is completely flat.  I limped back to the garage and parked it.  I walked with the dogs to the mailbox with the package and an envelope of cash with a note to my postal deliverer.  “Sue, I have a flat tire and so will you take this money, I think it’s enough, and mail this package for me?  If you need more money, I’m at the house.”

Mohair rinsing in the sink.  It’s Sunny’s.  It’s super lovely.  But it is tedious washing mohair.

Simmering pot of geranium roots, stems and leaves from my Cranesbill geranium plants in the front garden – soak overnight to get the most color from it

Giant pot of mordanting wool & silk for a project for my CSA Fiber Share customers

Indigo vat-in-process

2 large Rouge Vif Detampes pumpkins in the ovens, baking

4 baskets of laundry to fold on the counter, oh god, I just realized that I have to pay my overdue quarterly taxes.

I’m off.

December 1 chalkboard

December 1 chalkboard


Rouge Vif D’Etampes Pumpkin


soaking Sunny’s mohair


Cranesbill Geranium roots and plant simmering in the dye pot


2 responses to “December First

  1. Oh, your list! You are so full of everything, and I love how you write about it and share it. But you do make me feel lazy. I wish “have a cup of tea with Tammy” was on my list….

    • Oh! Throw that on, Rebecca!!! Huge victory dance here. I just finished defrosting/cleaning that freezer. From the dates of things, it’d been almost 5 years. I’m about to make an indigo vat for tomorrow, just never got to it, then, ZZZZZZzzzz! And tomorrow, another day for the list I’ve started midday today!
      I never got into mischief when I was younger, too much, but I always had a ton of energy. I have got to wonder how my mom ever managed!
      Thanks for the kind words, I’m trying to get myself to post more regularly, have been a social media-slob for too long 🙂

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