December Third

December Third:  Woke up at 4:30 a.m., terrible headache.   Mid 30s, pouring rain. Getting away with a mild beginning of December. Got up and knit for a bit, made coffee and fed dogs, took some Excedrin, climbed into bed til 6ish.

washed mohair

Snowflakes in the air during chores, which were easy – there were no extra animals to catch or clean, though I left Thimble & Thalia in the big stall when I walked the Muppets out to their pasture this morning.  Want to keep Thimble from the damp for the day and hope for her to have less stiffness.  Thalia continued to protest every time I had to go in and out of the barn, up and down the aisleway.  Hooves up on the stall wall, head peering over, then strange, arching neck back, tipping head backwards, then jump down to stall and nibble hay.  I’d walk through and she’d hop up and do the weird periscoping thing all over again.  I tried to reason with her that today she was staying in with her baby to help her baby become stronger.  She thought I made a mistake in not putting her out with the others.

Tried to discern if Olivia was troubled by Indy’s absence.  Decided Olivia is a tough widow.

Sheep were mostly all content for fresh hay to dive into.  Mocha campaigned for grain.  I softened and put a handful in a bowl in a corner when the other sheep were eating hay in the paddock.  It silenced Mocha for about 15 minutes.

The rest of the alpacas were jocular.  The horses were jocular.  I think they sensed the change in weather coming today.

Mom called.  She’s free to come up.  She wants to know if I have anything I need help with.  I do.  I have a ton of yarn to label and mohair to continue to wash and dry and sort.

Mom arrived.  She brought me a Boston Cream Donut from Dunkin Donuts.  I made us two cups of coffee and she had a pumpkin scone that I’d made yesterday and I ate the donut she brought me, which was sinful and delicious.

Most of the day, designed, printed, desktop publishing stuff, set up assembly line to label yarn.

washed mohair

Hung yarn out to dry on porch from dyeing vats of yesterday.

Mom took a run to get us a sandwich for lunch and check for mail.  Waiting on an envelope to finish adding gauge information to yarn labels.  Envelope didn’t arrive.  Sandwiches were decadent.

Labeled and etc. with breaks to watch the horses.  There were wild pony-chasing games going on out in the pasture.  Every time I tried to video, they would stop running and bucking.  Of course.

Gail surprise-stopped in at about 2:30.  We made her tea and put her to work helping with labels while catching up.

4:12, went out to barn to do chores, wind had blown coop doors shut so there were about 10 hens roosting on the roof and the rest waiting round the door for me to open it so they could go in.  In they went.  Checked for eggs.  Only 4.  Almonzo finally discovered the luxury of the other, smaller coop, with fresh shavings and no competition from the peafowl and the turkey and ducks.  I’m glad he’s finally realized there are housing options in the henyard.

It was easy to focus on the goats.  I felt like the weather had broken to not include rain tonight, the temps were mild enough that they could stay out.  I danced around their pasture with 9 bowls of grain, keeping Thalia and Thimble in the dry stall for the night.  Fed them in their stall, fed Night & Sammy out in their runout where they couldn’t see or hear the other goats.  Saving us all from the rutting-rut that Night is in.

Custer has managed to maneuver out of his marking harness again.  Will have to try to figure it out this weekend.  Mary is definitely bred now.  She wears the gold crayon brightly on her backside.

Martha had her back leg stuck in her coat strap so I helped her right it.  She was completely passive while I lifted her leg out of the tangle and threaded it through the appropriate gaps.  Her coat needs to be replaced, though, because it has a tear in the side and is going to start deteriorating.  I think breeding season might’ve been a bit much for it.

Peter Pan & Martha are absolutely the most adorable couple on the farm.

Labeling and washing mohair into the night.  No appetite.  Sandwiches for lunch are more than I normally eat and I was just full.  Jim had my leftovers from last night.  I drank a lot of chamomile tea while watching Elementary and labeling yarn.  The dogs are jumpy and barky.  They keep hearing Rosie on her little exercise wheel in her cage and get themselves all fired up.  Nessie is pacing back and forth by the front door.  I think she’s overtired.

Made a price list for yarn stores.

A throwback-Thursday photo to remember Indy by, the first day I met him

The first time I met Indy

Mary bears the telltale gold blaze that tells us she'll be due in 145 days. Custer, nonchalant in the background.

Mary bears the telltale gold blaze that tells us she’ll be due in 145 days. Custer, nonchalant in the background.

Gail & Mom -powerhousing the yarn label assembly line

Gail & Mom -powerhousing the yarn label assembly line

Neptune's fine yarn, labeling, labeling

Neptune’s fine yarn, labeling, labeling

Natural dyed yarn drying, mohair drying

Natural dyed yarn drying, mohair drying

That pretty, beautiful Cormo Mohair blend, all labeled up .

That pretty, beautiful Cormo Mohair blend, all labeled up .

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