December Sixteenth

December Sixteenth

Mid 30s this morning, partly sunny, scrambled to pack orders that came in and shorted animals on hay so I could get post office run in, deliver yarn and fiber to Kerry, gas up, get grain.  Muppets had knocked their door down in the night because of the ones that are in heat(Thelma) wanting to be outside with Night in his and Sammy’s run-out.  Brought them to their pasture and locked them in.

Rupert was loose and was watching me get the goats all into their pasture.  He was enticed by the grain which I’d given to them.  No grain, Rupert.  He followed me to the barn and we went into the stall, then into the paddock and distributed hay to everyone.  Not as much because I needed to go up to the loft still.

Opened Peppy’s roof up on her house to let it air out for the day.  It is quite wet in her house, I need to let it air out another day before I can attempt mucking it.  It will be too heavy and awkward on my lower back.

Ran errands which took twice as long because I left my wallet at home.

Listening carefully while at the Post Office, I determined that people are predictably social in that space.  The community is fascinating to me.  People interact and care about each other differently than when they’re in a place of other types of commerce.  I’m thinking a Post Office-study is in order.  At any rate, that is how it is at our Post Office.  Folks are cordial and caring and casual.  Maybe because it’s a small space?  There is a lot of familiarity and ease when people are there that has a ripple effect?

The man at the Post Office loaned me cash so I could pay for my postage, since I’d already stood in line for 40 minutes and got everything posted. I considered borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, if I went to Kerry’s with the yarn, could she loan me the money to pay the Post Office guy?  But if it took too long, the Post Office would be closed for lunch, what if Kerry didn’t have money?  I ran home to get my wallet so I could go back and pay him for the short-term loan.  I paid him and then went to Kerry’s to discuss yarn options for a hat she’s making, talk about how to make the wool filling for the pillow she’s making.  She decided on TB’s and Laurel’s Alpaca/Merino blend and Bonnie & Night’s Cormo/Mohair blend for the softest hat she could possibly make.

Nat & Tristan were cleaning out their wood shed so I checked out their progress.  I made off with a fire-blower thing that Nat hasn’t been successful with selling at tag sales, so I thought I’d give it a go and if it didn’t work out, take it to the dump because that was what he was going to do.

Got gas for the car and then went to Whitman’s to get grain.  Started chatting with Penny, showed pictures of the peafowl, talked about when my son was an infant and how he’d not had the surgery that Penny’s grand-nephew had for clipping under his tongue.  How it all worked out without the surgery.

Waited for the grain-loading crew to help load my order.  They almost sent me home with too much alpaca-grain.  I caught it.

Poured a cup of coffee and picked up piles around the house and put them away for about an hour.  Packed orders.

Went out to barn and put away grain.  Brought down 15 bales of hay and loaded the animals up for the night.  Decided that Thimble was well enough to be outside for the night, plus the way the door-situation was in the barn, didn’t want to risk the Angora does getting in with the buck in the night.  Night in the night.  Not Night in the night.

Tried to put Thimble’s new tincture of St. John’s Wort in her food, in her tummy, she didn’t like it.  The goats knocked me over and I scrambled to collect the bottle of tincture, only spilling a tiny bit.

The ponies were SO happy for their dinner tonight.  I sprinkled crushed peppermints on their bowlfuls.  🙂

Caught all but one hen tonight.  Put them all in with loaded up hoppers’ full of new grain.  They don’t like the other grain that Jim had picked up last week, the Poulin Layer Pellets.  They’re used to their organic layer pellets.  They rushed the hopper.  Every one of them, except for the one pretty gal up on top of the hen’s run-out roof.  And the peafowl and Tallulah Mae and the ducks all wanted to be inside.  So I closed their doors and made sure they had plenty of water. They had 2 eggs to collect, adding to the 5 I’d collected this morning.  That was a great increase.  I’d put the eggs in a little parsley pot that was on the back deck until I’d gone inside.

When I went inside, I collected the eggs that were in the parsley pot.  They were all but one gone!  Then I noticed the broken shells on the porch.  The dogs had gotten them!  Darn the dogs.  But that was irresistible to them, I guess.

Made French Onion Soup and broiled cheddar toasts for dinner.  I put way too much rosemary in, but it was still very delicious.

Knit the first round of a new hat project.  Resigned to using the larger needles that I found and a different yarn, a Cotswold Mohair blend from last spring’s run that I’d dyed indigo.

Hazel and I are making great plans for our get together that includes no plans.  We have several items on the wishlist of things to make and do, but no commitments.  Can’t wait to get together soon.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain.

French Onion Soup for dinner, made with the 2 onions, one shallot and one head of garlic that I found, also the chicken broth from the freezer, a little cooking sherry, seasonings, too much rosemary

French Onion Soup for dinner, made with the 2 onions, one shallot and one head of garlic that I found, also the chicken broth from the freezer, a little cooking sherry, seasonings, too much rosemary

Xenia Marie displaying snowflakes where there are no snowflakes

Xenia Marie displaying snowflakes where there are no snowflakes

Maria Muscarella's Tincture and Oil that she sent for Thimble's treatments

Maria Muscarella’s Tincture and Oil that she sent for Thimble’s treatments



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  1. I meant to say the other day how sorry I am about your poor lost knitting. 🙁 Also, I love that you gave the ponies crushed peppermints (happy to know there are others out there sneaking interesting treats to their animals…). And… I completely agree about the post office. I almost always have the most interesting conversations there. A small town meeting place, I guess.

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