The Morning After – LambCam LIVEChat Episode 1, 2016

And the winner is…

Holly Greene of Out of the Ordinary Photography & Design and The Snowflake Design in Saratoga Springs,  NY will receive this gorgeous hank of Iris(& Latte & Sue’s) yarn, selected in the random drawing on last night’s LambCam LIVEChat.  Congratulations, Holly! (Check the video clip below at 42:26!)

Thank you to ALL of the participants in last evening’s LIVEChat.  We really enjoyed your contributions to make it a great show.  If we’d had more time, we could’ve answered more questions, so because of that, I will try to answer some of the questions in the NEXT LambCam LIVEChat on February 27th, 8pm ET.  When I came in from the barn last night, I saw there were quite a few more questions that had accrued since checking before I headed out to the barn.  Great questions, all, so grateful to all of you.

Thanks to Tara & Char & Bo & Megan for jumping into the stall with me to contribute to the festival of LambCam LIVEChat.  It’s so much more interesting than if it were just me in the stall with the sheep answering your questions!

If you would like to watch the show again, we’ve captured it from our Nest Camera feed and you can enjoy it HERE:

Thanks so much, again to our sponsors of the farm, named in our LIVEChat, and in the following list.  If you would like to sponsor our next LIVEChat in February, shoot me an email at and I can apprise you of the details.

Technical wizards:

Hazel Sy & Jimmy Woodard

Artistic extraordinaires:

SJ White & Mary Engelbreit

Farm Support Above & Beyond:

Char White, Tara Lowary, Tara Porter, Holly Henderson, Fred DePaul, Debbie Kirby & Alyssa Zollman

Veterinarians from heaven:

Bo Bergman & Granville Veterinary Service (Dr. Kyle)

Creative & Promotional Workhorses:

Meleen Dupre, Charlotte Lyons & Megan Mayhew Bergman

Cotswold/Mohair yarn goes to Holly Greene of Saratoga Springs, NY

Cotswold/Mohair yarn goes to Holly Greene of Saratoga Springs, NY

10 responses to “The Morning After – LambCam LIVEChat Episode 1, 2016

  1. My husband and I really enjoyed the lamb cam chat. We especially liked seeing Mr. K! Thank you for sharing part of your life with us, we learned a lot!

  2. Loved watching your show💙 It would be so much fun being with your amazing animals. Love them 💜 And you are so amazing with with them. Look forward to your pics and the next lamb cam show!

  3. Randy, husband, Mark son and grandson Ben loved watching the LambCamLive! You all looked so cozy and warm with all the ewes snuggling up to you! It looked like the alpaca wanted to get into the show too! We’ll be waiting to hear about Iriis when she delivers!
    Sue Rice
    Rice Paddy Vermont Yarns
    Lincoln, Vermont

  4. Thank you… I got it today!! I am so happy and excited. It’s so beautiful! Can’t wait to use it and craft. 🙂 I have my knitting needles all ready. Be sure to send love to Iris, Latte & Sue from me! <3

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