LambCam LIVE Chat February 27, 2016 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time

LambCam LIVE Chat February 27, 2016 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time

Latte, as taken by Margaretha Kiewied

Latte, photo credit to Marga Kiewied Photography

So many comings and goings and happy and sad and busy and busy times of late.  I’m trying like heck to stay on top of correspondence, on top of production with our farm’s goods and take good care of the animals.  There are many irons in the fire.  There are events coming, soon, and coming, a little farther off.  And bam, it’ll be Christmas again.  So maybe I’ll send those cards I’ve been meaning to send from two whole months ago and be ahead of the game for this year?  They’re in a pile in the front hallway, actually stamped and everything…

New weather has replaced old weather.  Bitter cold seems to be in the recent past and milder temps are lined up for this week.  I like that a lot.  Being out in the barn when it’s below zero is fine if you’re moving around, but if you’re still, and you’re waiting for a ewe to push a lamb.  Or you’re still, and you’re waiting for a ewe that is suffering a bruised and battered body to show signs of improvement.  Or if you’re still, just sitting with the flocks.  That is when you feel it.  So I’m happy for the freezing and above freezing temps to replace the other.

Other subtle and not so subtle changes:

The Boy Band has evening disco parties these days.  Running and rolicking, popcorn-popping-hopping events where they buck and jump and scramble like the dickens all over the pasture.  Vaulting over the rocks and back-flipping, hand-springing, cycling, circling frenzied races.  This is the type of thing that happens when the days are a bit longer and the air is softer.

Two pairs of bluebirds in the treetops. Flitting and singing.

The poultry spreading out – picking and pecking, laa-dee-dah-ing here and there.  Scritch, scritch, scratching through the forest leaves.  Running around the paddocks and pastures where they don’t usually venture in the winter.  Peacock displays daily, full and fluttery.

Ruts in the road.

Frozen buckets that can be broken up in the morning and replenished without requiring an ice pick or tremendous amounts of manual labor.

The Muppets making their way out from under the runout eaves to the pasture attached so that they can eat hay out in the open and watch comings and goings.  I love that.  That’s a sign.

Alpaca Mohair Shetland gradient

New yarn arrived! It was unexpected and exciting to get an email from MJ over at Battenkill Fiber the other day to tell me that the alpaca/mohair/shetland blend was ready for pickup.  It’s always like a party when I get the word that our yarn is ready.  Those pretty alpacas had their fiber cut last May, so I was very excited to see how MJ had spun it into gold.

When I announced that the yarn was ready on our social media, the folks were loving it and sending orders left and right, through the night.  I stayed up late filling orders, labeling yarn, writing notes.  Orders from Australia, orders from California, Washington state, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, West Virginia, Tokyo.  Yes, just outside of Tokyo, Japan!

Do you know how rewarding it is to see your flocks’ fiber going out into the world such as that?  It is a worthwhile endeavor to farm and then to see your product appreciated.  Also, how wonderful that folks are willing to support small farm yarns.

It’s a long while before spring actually comes to southern Vermont and it’s another month and a half before lambs are due.  There’ll be another LambCam LIVE Chat coming up this week, Saturday the 27th, at 8p.m.. I hope you’ll join us for this event, tune in and listen as I ‘broadcast’ from the stall where Iris, Latte, Hester, Peter Pan & Mister K hang out in the evenings and sometimes during the days. And the alpacas poke around, too.  I’ll bring you up to speed on the latest in the paddock, from the stall, and I’ll share the schedule for lambing at Wing & A Prayer Farm in the near future.  This month’s focus will be answering your questions, sharing your comments, an educational bit about lambing, upcoming farm scheduled activities and workshops, and Peter Pan’s bedtime story.  Yes, you read that right.  Peter Pan’s bedtime story.

And a very exciting sponsor that we are proud to share with you this month is Sonya Philip of One Hundred Acts of Sewing fame.  A brilliant, talented artist that is coming to the farm in May, but in this week’s LambCam LIVE Chat, is donating a pattern of your choice, to a randomly chosen person, selected from the comments section of this post.  We’ll draw the winner on Saturday night and announce it LIVE.  So write us a question or comment on this post to be eligible, before 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. (Eastern time)

P.S.:  I’m celebrating my own birthday! And so you’re all invited to the online party, on the LambCam LIVE Chat at 8 p.m., Saturday night. 😀

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  1. Happy Birthday to my all-time favorite farmer and shepherdess!

    My question is: When is the last “known” little one due this year?

    P.S. If my name is drawn, I’d like Dress No. 1.

    • Yay, Julie! I’ll note your request! And thank you for the wishes, you make me smile all of the time! Lastly, I’ll be sure to answer your question on the air on Saturday, that is an excellent one! -Tammy

  2. Happiest of Birthdays to you–and many more to come!!!

    I was wondering if you know already if there are twins or triplets coming or is it always a big surprise at delivery?

    Best wishes from Florida!!

    • Dear Karen: Thank you for the wishes!! And that is an excellent question! I will be sure to answer on Saturday night!!

    • 🙂 You know it!!!! Thanks so much, Beth, I’ll comment on my dessert consumption tonight :-D!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday!! My question is what is the lambing “season”? Does it wary by region or its all the same?

    • Excellent question, thanks for commenting, Pam! I’ll answer tonight, I’ll try to follow up in the blog tomorrow!!!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet friend! You are such a busy gal, your juggling inspires me!

    • Thanks so much, Paula!! I am trying to keep my head above water like everyone, right? But I think it helps that I’m surrounded by loving woolies!!!!

  5. This is fun, I’ve been following you on Instagram and I’m just starting to learn how to sew. I’m a crocheter rather than a knitter (okay, when I really strain my brain I can fumble through a knit and a purl), and your yarns look yummy too.

    • Thank you, Catherine! I’m determined to improve my knitting skills, my sewing skills, my crochet skills! Love them all but am not really “good” at any of them! I can get by, but the main thing is the enjoyment, right?! Thanks for commenting, thanks for the birthday wishes, and I’ll see you tonight!!!

  6. Happy birthday Tammy, I would like to join you, in this worldwide birthday party !, but I’m not sure I can keep me awake to 8pm (2am in DK), but I have actually watched some of the recordings afterward, and I would really like to have some of your “Earth” yarn, really like the color, but I have to discuss it with my wife 🙂

    • Thank you, Niels! And I will be sure to share some of it for those of you that are having a good, well deserved sleep at that time!! And yes, let me know if ever you want to order the “Earth” yarn! 🙂 Thank you, thank you! Thought of you today when I trudged around in my overalls!

  7. Happy Birthday Tammy! My husband and I dream of having a small fiber flock one day. We’ve learned so much following along with you! So inspiring!

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Tammy! Hope you day was full of sunshine!!
    Question: What are the sheep’s favorite snacks.. other than their regular exercise feed?
    Thanks Tammy!

    • And YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you get the reply last night? If not, the sheep don’t like anything different as a snack! They like the same routine!!! But I do know sheep at other farms that like apples, carrots or graham crackers!

  9. Happy Birthday Tammy!! I hope your day is full of sunshine!
    Question: What do you give your critters for a special treat.. other than their regular food? My favorite treat are Swedish fish!!

  10. Are sheep sheared only once a year? Or is it dependent on breed? I love following your adventures!!!

  11. What a great way to celebrate your birthday! I’m an alpaca farmer in California and just now realizing the benefit of Instagram for connection!
    Loving your posts…

  12. Happy birthday! I enjoyed your periscope view of the farm and the story of your soap 😿 I would love a Sonya Phillip pattern.

  13. Happy birthday Tammy from a fellow February baby. Thanks for spending time on your birthday to chat with us! Hope you have an amazing day!

  14. Oh first time reading your blog and so happy to have found it! Came here as per Sonya’s suggestion. Your yarn looks amazing and I’ll be checking back again…

  15. Happy birthday Tammy! Thanks so much for sharing this day with us – I’m looking forward to it. You’ll probably talk about this before you get to questions, but I’m just wondering how Iris is doing.

  16. Your posts on Instagram are amazing! Luv your animals in motion,tinkling bells and all the stories! Makes me feel like I’m there! Cheers to you!!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Tammy- Hope you have a FUN night. Wish I was with you to Celebrate in the Barn with all your farm friends. They are ALL so Lucky to have YOU!! YOU ARE THE BEST FARMER.

  18. Happy Birthday Tammy–your cake looks fabulous! How many expectant moms do you have this season? Has Mr. K figured out that he’s a sheep yet?

  19. Hi Tammy! Hi Meleen! Hello girls! This is so cool! It’s so nice to be able to see you again! Happy birthday, Tammy! I was wondering if I need to schedule an appointment to come up for a visit? I know you have a very busy schedule so I didn’t think I should just drop in. Also, it’s nice to know that Iris is doing much better! But, I am sorry about your recent loss. I think it’s wonderful that you have honored her memory. Are you and the girls still making your delicious pies? I am looking forward to seeing you all again one day!

  20. Happy Birthday, Tammy! I’d like to know how Olivia is doing. She looked good on Periscope the other day! Also, any fun notes you can share on the Colored Wool Retreat? I’m excited!

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