Those darn babies!

Kids for Sale

I walked to the end of the driveway last night to fetch my mail and happened upon my neighbors.  We always reunite like we’re old family, even though we’re just next door neighbors, because we mutually love and respect each other and don’t get to see each other enough.  I had my dogs all about and have one eye/ear on them the whole time so that they’re not in any danger should a car go by, my neighbors are usually unpacking the car or shuttling off and so it’s a quick exchange.

We are both in the business of babies, only she works with humans and I work with livestock.

After getting quickly up to snuff, we finished our conversation with “Those darn babies!”  I had to snag a bite so I’d be ready for the next feeding in the barn, she had to snag a phone call.

This morning I had to catch a couple of lambs that my other neighbor called me on.  They were puttering in his yard.

Then I had to fish out a kid from a bucket in the stall where she’d popped herself when playing with another kid.  I’d gotten a phone call on that one as well, only it was from a viewer who saw it happen on my stall web cam.

I tipped Sabrina into a chairhold in the paddock and determined that she had absolutely zero udder development, no outward signs of kidding anytime soon, palpated her abdomen to NOT feel any sort of kid inside her.

I sent the email to the folks that have been long awaiting her kidding so that they could buy her and her kids for their farm. They will be so dismayed.  Sabrina has just been getting plump.

I set up the adorable gift that I’d received in yesterday’s mail on my front porch.  There are NO kids for sale, just the two sillykins in the barn with their moms and their assorted fetishes, the one tiny dead one that Lupine may let me remove today.

I’d bred six does this past winter.  Not a successful kidding season.  Maybe next year.

But I’m grateful for two kids that are adorable and frisky today.  I’m grateful for 13 lambs that are healthy and bouncy and have the energy to explore the neighborhood.

I’m grateful for the healthy flocks that are grazing.  I’m grateful for healthy poultry and a piggy that takes care of my garden.  I’m grateful for really sweet friends that extend to me.

I’ve got a house full of fiber to label, back from the mill.  I’ve got wagons of hay to unload this afternoon and evening.  It’s a golden day.

Dot, hopping

Dot, hopping