November – farm bits

This will be brief because I’m supposed to be making pies for a wedding this coming weekend and not typing.  A couple of quick announcements, a tiny bit of farm diary updating, a sprinkle of hope in the form of a cute donkey photo, then, I’m off!

  • Quick Announcements:

#1 – the 2017 Calendars are ready for Pre-Order!  We’ve sourced our own wooden boards this year for the backings of these beautifully curated 110-lb. cardstock calendar sheets.  We’re working in our little workshop to drill holes and tap in screws and clips to make our own calendar backs after locally printing the pages.  We’ll be ready to ship them out mid-November.  You can order them here.

2017 Calendars are ready for Pre-Order

2017 Calendars are ready for Pre-Order


#2.  Modern Farmer has picked our wool-filled duvet as one of their “50 Great Gifts” in their Winter Issue 14 | 2016 – 2017 !  That’s pretty cool, hey?! (Or is it pretty warm? hee-hee-hee!)  To be fair, my mom helps me a ton with making these, so the caption in their magazine should really read “Tamara White & Doris Lewis don’t just…”  I’m sorry, mom, that your name didn’t get in there.  I had no idea that they were going to write it up as such.

Wool-Filled Duvet

Wool-Filled Duvet

#3.  More bragging:  Making Magazine‘s “Fauna” issue just came out and our lovely rooster, Betty, is on the front cover!  His feathers, that is.  And there’s a beautiful photo of our Thelma & Louise’s pretty yarn and a nice spread about our pie-making with a recipe.  It was so fun to host Carrie Hoge and her family this summer while she did the shoot.  If there are still issues available, they’re gorgeous magazines and I bought two! One for me, as a keepsake, one for my daughter SJ who helped me make the template for the pie topping.

Betty the Rooster's feathers on Makingzine's Fauna Cover

Betty the Rooster’s feathers on Makingzine’s Fauna Cover

#4.  I taught a “Social Media Success” workshop on the weekend at the Farm Based Educators Network Conference in Concord, MA and it was wildly successful.  I say that because I really thought it might be a bust.  There are a hundred and one amazing workshops to attend at that event, so I didn’t think that my offering would be very interesting in comparison.  I had been sought out a couple of seasons ago to participate and I was very excited.  But then the night before I had to go, I couldn’t sleep at all.  Suddenly I felt like I had made a huge mistake, that I had nothing important to share, etc., etc..  Giant thoughts of doubt all night long.  I couldn’t wait to get out of bed the next morning, really, to get it over with!  Well, it was a very relaxing and very easy group and we had a good time together.  There are a few notes re:the workshop here, for those that attended or for those that are interested.

  • Farm Diary Update:

Appa died.  He was the wonderful little Lionhead Bunny that we loved very much.  Known for his friendly and eager greetings to all that went to see him under the apple tree.  Happy for companionship.  Loved running around the farm loose when I let him.  Befriended the chickens.  Let them run all over him, in fact.  He went to live with Maggie this past August as she had started her microfarm in the backyard with some Wing & A Prayer Farm hens (+ Bernie & Betty, who came back here to live), and also 2 little Angora-mix bunnies.  Appa just kind of quit on Sunday morning.  Not much warning.  We don’t know his history from before he lived here, so we’re not quite sure how old he was.  Tonight Maggie and her brother Finn and mom and I buried him under the apple tree and tomorrow I’ll put some bulbs in on top of his grave.  He will lie where he spent many happy days.


Appa the bunny

Appa the bunny

Bilbo is weaned!  Yay!  I finally weaned myself, I mean Bilbo, from his daily bottles.  He is 6 months old now and has had all of his vaccinations.  He’s a silly little mini donkey.  Likes to take my glove and go running around with it.  Recently, the New York Times had a great article about donkeys and you should read it if you get a chance.  It’s very interesting to read about their place in history 5,000 years ago and how they were revered for their intelligence and contributions and how their place today is so misunderstood and unappreciated.  I love our mini-donkeys, Kalinka, Silver & Bilbo and I can’t believe we didn’t have them for so many years.  I’m so happy we have them now.

There are 4 Shetland ewes with Fergus, the new Shetland ram, with hopes for March/April lambs.  There are 4 Cormo/Merino ewes in with Peter Pan, the Cormo ram with the same hopes.  But I’m thinking the guys are very shy.  I’m hoping in the next month I’ll see some indication that things are going the way we had hoped for.  We put a “Marking Harness” on Peter Pan to show when he had been with the ewes, by leaving a crayon marking on their backsides, but I never saw anything for the time he wore it.  He wasn’t wearing the harness very well and I finally took it off, thinking it was ruining his mojo.  I put some “Rattle Powder” on he and Fergus(with Maggie’s assistance), and hopefully that will leave a mark without the nuisance of them wearing a harness.  The rams don’t really like the bling, maybe the ewes don’t either!  We’ll see.

The reason I’m anxiously awaiting to see some markings on the ewes’ backsides is because in a few weeks, I’m on the road to deliver Wendy & Leia to a new farm in Kentucky.  Yup, there’ll be pictures of that little trip for sure.


Tomorrow is election day, here in the U.S.A., and so I leave you with hope.  And a baby mini-donkey:

Bilbo, the baby mini donkey

Bilbo, the baby mini donkey. Recent photo take by friend Miranda Richardson.



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  1. Always love to hear what’s happening on the farm. You lead an amazing and creative life, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing!

  2. I would love a calendar, but the shop says they’re sold out! Is there still a way to pre-order one? Thank you! It’s lovely!

    • Hi Caitlin! Yes, there will be more for shipment and I will announce when I’m ready! Thank you so much. My first batch sold right out, I hadn’t anticipated such a large response! So I’m in the process of organizing to make more! XO Tammy

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