New Year, New Ewe(s) + Workshop Announcements

Happy New Year, dear folk:

This is how it goes around here.  You’re at the feed store and Sandy says, “Did that lady call you about her sheep?” and you say, “What lady?”  And then Sandy says, “Barbara, over in Hoosick Falls.  I gave her your number.  She’s got sheep and she’s looking for a good home.”

Next thing you know, you’re standing on an icy hill with a little, old shepherdess who is singing out, “Meeeeelody!  Maaaaaartha!  Baaaaabe!” and 3 big big big girls appear, and tentatively, quietly, they step down the hill to see why their mama needs them to come in.

Melody, Martha & Babe

We’re about to adopt 3 sweet ewes.  Their names are Martha, Melody and Babe.  They are Polled Dorsets and range from 3 – 6 years old.  Oh are they big and beautiful! Char and I went to visit them at their farm in nearby Hoosick Falls, NY and without even a treat in our hand, they came in close enough for us to feel their soft wool, check their pretty countenances to make sure that all was well.  We’re hatching a plan for their transport and arrival.  I’ll have to give them their vaccinations and treat for parasites, just in case, and then trailer them to the farm.  They’re much too big to fit in the back of the van like my lil Shetlands do.

Their owner, a lovely woman that has been shepherding Polled Dorsets all through her life, is finding it harder to care for these girls, her last three.  She told me that they were show-worthy, she would win prizes for them at the fair, that two of them were registered.  I thought maybe my farm helper, Maggie, might like to show them in the coming year.  I don’t see myself as going the route of showing sheep, but it might be a great project for Maggie.

Who knew that we’d be adding Polled Dorsets? I didn’t know.  If you’d asked me last fall, I wouldn’t have thought why I would want to, need to. I told Char, on the ride over to Barbara’s, “I’m going to look at them.  And if I look at them and I get a good feeling, then it’s a yes.  And if I look at them and I get a different feeling, I’m going to tell her that I will help her find a home for them but I won’t take them.”

Well, when did I ever look at a sheep and not get a good feeling?

So, who was I kidding?

They’re adorable.



Meanwhile, there are a thousand, million things happening around here as always.  My days of eloquent and poetic presentation are limited because I fear I’m short on time most days.

What I am trying to say is that in the upcoming year, we have some wonderful workshops happening at our farm. It is so exciting to be putting together the itineraries that go with the classes and work alongside so many professional artists.  I’m very excited to share more details as they become available, but in this post I wanted to at least apprise folks of the dates and the happenings.

The very best way to be able to stay current with the upcoming announcements will be to follow this blog.  If you already subscribe to the blog, then you should receive an email automatically whenever I post an announcement or essay.  I will feel badly if someone contacts me that “missed out.”  However, it is tricky to share individually with folks that are interested without accidentally overlooking someone.  So the best way I can manage sharing is via this outlet.  (Go to THIS PAGE and scroll to the bottom right, then fill in your email address and hit “Subscribe”)

There will always be something to follow on Wing & A Prayer Farm’s Social Media outlets, but the first word will be here, on this website.

Drumroll, please!

Spring 2017 Workshops:

April 7th – 9th, Dyes + Pies with Anne Choi

May 4-7th, Dresses + Donkeys with Cal Patch

May 25 – 28, Vermont Wardrobe In A Weekend with Sonya Philip

June 1 – 4, New England Fiber Art Summit with Mary Jane Mucklestone, Gudrun Johnston, Ashley Yousling, Carrie Hoge, Annie Rowden & Lori Ann Graham

Fall 2017 Workshops:

September 21 – 24, Vermont Colored Wool Retreat with French General


In a post, soon, there will be details and links for more information and for sign up information, so if you know of anyone that might be interested, do share with them to subscribe to the blog so they won’t miss out either.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, and know that I will let you know how it goes with our newest sheep and the other farm animals and activities as the days roll along.

And now, since this feels like a letter, I’ll sign off…


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  1. Hi Tammy! These workshop weekends sound wonderful. I’m having trouble finding the place to add my e-mail address and Subscribe. Is there another way to subscribe?

    • Dear Lori: My website had gone through an update and so I just reconfigured it so that you can access the email subscription now. The email subscription is on the home page of the website. Thank you so much and I hope that it works! -Tammy

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