Lion or LambCAM LIVE Chat?

It’s that time of year when we’ve dusted off the LambCam and re-connected the cables to view the ewes 24/7.  You’re welcome to watch this year’s lambing, too, when it fits into your schedule via our shared feed HERE.

There is going to be a LIVE Chat tomorrow night, February 28, 8 p.m. EDT, from the stall where Laurel, Lilac, Martha and Bonnie are biding their time.  Join us for a fun chat to bring you up to date on who is due when, and etc.  We would love to answer any questions you might have, as well, or entertain your comments.  Go ahead and leave them in response to this post and we’ll enter you to win one of 5 prizes.

By “Join us”, I mean, watch the LambCam camera and I’ll be in the stall with the ewes, maybe I’ll pick up a friend or two that will sit out there with me, and we’ll talk shop – lamb-shop, that is.  We’ll prattle and rattle on about the lambing season and maybe farmyard-gossip, such as where’s Bilbo?  Where’s Wilbur?  How does Nite Nite escape every day?  Where did all of the snow go?

Generous sponsors from Nest & Ellen Mason (Odacier) & Wing & A Prayer Farm(that’s me!) are donating an outdoor Nest Cam, a Runaway Project Bag, a Runaway Project Bag pattern, a skein of Doc Mason’s yarn, and a skein of Wing & A Prayer Farm Cotswold/Mohair “Spring Is Coming” yarn.

We hope you will join in the fun.  This last day of February we’ll try to guess.  What do you think?

Will March come in like a lion…






Nest Cam – Outdoor Camera donated by Nest.Com

Odacier’s “Runaway Project Bag”

Odacier’s “Runaway Bag” Pattern

Odacier’s “Doc Mason” Wool

Wing & A Prayer Farm’s “Spring Is Coming” Cotswold & Mohair Yarn


42 responses to “Lion or LambCAM LIVE Chat?

  1. So exciting, thank you for sharing!! What is the frequency of twins or triplets, and has this frequency changed over the years? Thanks again!!

    • Hi Traci – great questions! Thanks so much for participating and I hope I was able to answer your questions this evening!

  2. Oh I love Lamb Cam Live! Question for this year’s lambing: do you have any first-time moms, or are all the girls seasoned pros? Can’t wait to follow their progress!

  3. I’ve been considering having 2-3 sheep as pets What would your advice be.? What ahould I consider? Can you recommend any resources ? Looking forward to tomorrow night. LISA

  4. I am so not a farm girl, but love keeping up with the farm and all the goings on. I always wanted a lamb, but since my mother prepared my chicken for dinner when I was a little girl… I was always afraid of getting a lamb!

    • Thank you for your comment and participation, Becki! I hope you enjoyed watching the lambcam tonight!

  5. Is there a way to tell when delivery is getting closer? Will their behavior change in a predictable way?

  6. How is Miles doing? Is he less anxious these days? Has Trevor had a good winter? I know he was struggling a bit to gain weight and grow as he should back in the Fall.

  7. My daughter had sheep for her 4 H project and now she is 36. I remember going to the barn for the lamb watch. She had a brown sheep named Tess who never showed her manners when she was being showed. We would call her Tap Dancing Tess. Fun meeting you last Saturday. Debbie

    • Oh Deborah, that is so funny!!!!! I had a great time meeting you, too!! Thanks for your participation in this little gig!

  8. Well I think it is wonderful..I was supposed to have goat mommies.. but the barn building is late.. so they have to stay at their old farm.
    Now I get to see and learn from you.. and maybe next year..a kid cam.

  9. Thought I left s Comment but it may be out in cyberspace. Is there a behavior that indicates that birth is imminent?

    • Excellent inquiry, Keating – I hope you were able to get your questions answered and were able to watch tonight!!! Thank you so much for participating!

  10. Excellent event.Sharing your knowledge during lambing can help others when and if problems occur.Baby lambs are very tender .Thank you for all you do in this farming community.valued immensely.

  11. Ah! Can’t wait to see you tonight! Are any of the mama’s expecting twins? Have you thought about their names for this year?

  12. I LOVE the Lamb Cam Live!! Can’t wait to tune in! Have you picked out names for the the babies yet?

    • Thanks for watching, Pat! We’ve picked out a few names, hope you were able to be tuned in and heard the chatter!

  13. Fellow shepherdess here – I’ve not bred my sheep before, but may someday, so look forward to watching and learning from more experienced sheep folks!!! Hope your 2017 lambing is wonderful! 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer: I hope you were able to watch the LambCam LIVEChat tonight and get the answer! Best to you with someday-breeding and shepherding adventures!!!

  14. What a wonderful evening, watching and listening and learning. Thanks for sharing with all of us who don’t have our own farm but love following your adventures with all those amazing animals!

  15. I do not know if I was having technical difficulties on my end but I had sound until you entered the stall and then the sound stopped. For a brief time the live feed was showing and then it froze up. I hope others could hear and see your live cast. They are always so informative and fun.

    • Oh I’m so sorry, Carol! I don’t know as I hadn’t heard from anyone else. Darn it! We finished up at about 8:45. (Eastern) – I’m sorry to think that the audio cut out and so wasn’t easy to follow. Thanks for watching, though, and trying!

  16. Would love to have attended but my home was full of antics and laughter with grown children visiting. Now as they are seen leaving I will happily join in with the next chat. Till then… 👩‍💻

  17. Hi Tammy,

    I was not able to tune in for your chat on the 28th but have been checking in several times a day since then. I noticed yesterday that the ewes are no longer in the stall and I am guessing that you have been shearing since there are many shorn sheep now on camera. Have all the ewes given birth? What is going on. This is my real soap opera and I feel like I missed all the key plot twists 😉

    • Hi Elizabeth: So funny! The ewes are all in a warm place in the garage, they even have a woodstove, because it got too cold for lambing in the barn. I fixed up a nice place where the old car that doesn’t work was sitting! It’s now the ultimate maternity ward. 3 ewes have lambed now – Laurel had twins this morning and so did Bonnie. Martha had twins last Sunday so they’re a week old and they’re now in there, too. Lilac is the last of the fine wool ewes to deliver, holding out on us! The two Shetland ewes that are due are not due til April 6, by then the nicer weather should mean that they’ll deliver in the barn under your watchful eye!!

      • Thanks, Tammy! Please post lamb pics when you can. It is so much fun living in Saint Louis and keeping an eye on your barn! I hope someday I’ll get to visit in person!

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