Knit Stars 2.0

I’m sharing about how I’m a part of an online course called “Knit Stars 2.0” which is the second in a very successful online knitting summit that is going to be live in the fall.  The folks from Knit Stars contacted me this past winter to schedule the ‘shoot’ to add me to their cast of ‘Stars’ that share online knitting, dyeing and designing lessons.

The course includes 10 great teachers from around the world, literally around the world!  The folks that put it together flew everywhere and interviewed and filmed and edited and compiled and now there is this gorgeous online knitting summit that has knitting, crochet, dyeing and designing lessons, too, that you can subscribe to so you don’t have to leave home!

Our farm’s part is to help share and educate about local fiber farm-love, which I was proud to represent, and to teach about fibersheds, sustainable land use and natural dyeing.  I had a great time sharing and teaching about all of these things which are dear to my heart, as well as being able to take subscribers for a farm tour.  It is a different sort of inclusion in this online course, but I’m so excited that amongst the “high rollers”, the “big tickets”, the “industry leaders”, our humble farm has a place for teaching.

It’s not something I ever dreamed I’d be a part of, but part of the reason that I’m all for it is the idea that you can educate from the comfort of your own home, you can visit and tour and experience things that don’t require as many resources as if you were to take the time and money to go to all of those places and meet and learn from the folks that are the Knit Stars.  I would love to be able to traipse about the country, the world, and meet everyone in real life.  And maybe one day I will.  But right now, home is where my heart is and I have a lot of mouths to feed.  I love this farm and I love that you can do things like this nowadays.  You can learn from a variety of teachers, expose yourself to different methods of teaching and learning, and fill your passion in a really low-impact way.

I can make a cup of my own coffee, which I’m particular about, and sit in my own comfy space and have a knitting lesson!  That’s cool!  Or watch myself teach about Natural Dyeing!  (That’s funny! But not necessarily funny to you, just to me because, watching myself is amusing and also a little off-putting!) And more.  I am really, really, really excited to see the farm from a different viewpoint, too, and you’ll see what I mean when it’s all said and done.  I’m hoping to get a little share of that to include in a post one day.

Meanwhile, if you want to subscribe to Knit Stars 2.0, you just click on my affiliated link which helps Knit Stars to know where you came from (you were tipped their way by our farm) – it helps them with analytics and stuff, it helps me with covering the costs of running the farm:  KNIT STARS 2.0


Right now you can watch the latest, free video tutorial that Nancy Marchant, the Queen of Brioche, has offered.  Nancy is in Amsterdam and is an amazing Brioche knitter/designer/all things and her little tip for #needlesflying  (it’s the ‘theme’ this year) has you fixing your stitches with less overall trouble.  I loved it!  Also, there are more free video tutorials along the way during this period of EARLY BIRD LAUNCH!  If you subscribe now, there’s a massive discount 🙂

And tomorrow there’s going to be another free video tutorial but I can’t say who gives it, yet!



When Dan from Knit Stars came to the farm this past spring, it was right in the midst of everything.  Everything and everything and everything. I don’t know if I’d slept in weeks with all of the farm work, lambing, events, production, etc..  We spent a lot of time putting the online course together and he shared a few snippets:

Paisley & Petunia saying ‘hello!’

Philip, teething

Touring Wing & A Prayer Farm

me with my “#NeedlesFlying” tip 😉

Behind the scenes for Knit Stars 2.0

Thalia, greeting the cameras

I’m barely coming up for air, now, and am going to try to get some long overdue catch-up work done.  Farm and family time, working in my dye garden and washing, skeining, dyeing the yarn that’s back from the mill.  There’ll be harvest and production work and I hope to do some planning for the future.  I’m always entertaining several ideas and plans in my head but need to actually get them on paper. There are a few summer workshops on the schedule in August and I’m very excited for gathering creative folk together here on the farm.  Be on the lookout for the announcement coming for a Natural Dyeing workshop here in mid-August, following the Nichole Vogelsinger Wild Boho Workshop on August 5.  

If you are wondering when the farm will be hosting an Open Farm Day, like we’ve been hosting on Mother’s Day the past couple of years, I’m thinking fall.  I couldn’t host it this spring because I was vending at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival(and it SNOWED!), and summertime is not ideal.  The animals are hot in the summer, they’re fiber animals you know!, and so it is stressful for them to have a lot of visitors.  Plus I would like to be able to keep some time free so that I can catch up with my family here.  But I’ll look for a date on the calendar to host an Open Farm Day in the fall and let everyone know with plenty of lead time.

Last, but not least, know that I will share Farm Stories again, more regularly, as I can.  Even if you don’t read them here regularly, they are happening regularly!  I just don’t always get a chance to share them.


And last, but really, really, really not least, how do you love our new art?!?!  My daughter, SJ, did that for me for Mother’s Day.  It is breathtaking, if you ask me.  She’s amazing!!



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  1. Hi Tammy, Great to hear from you! I think about you and all your wonderful animals there in Shaftsbury! I’m going to Costa Rica again this summer so will not be able to take a couple of your angora goats to free you up. Randy has peripheral neuropathy so hard for him to take care of the animals out doors in Lincoln. Maybe another summer! We loved visiting you. I’m interested in the online course since I love to knit and have since I was four years old! I’ll be looking to join up. Thanks for your blogs that are so well written! You make your life with your animals come alive on the pages. If you get a chance our daughter who graduated from Middlebury College in ’87 just came out with her own story, under her name Elizabeth Rice, Rituals of Separation. She will be returning from Costa Rica next Sunday and do a review of her book at Ilsley library in Middlebury. It is a book about her struggle as a “third cultura kid” growing up in Seoul, Korea. If you or you know of anyone interested in reading it, it can to bought through Tammy we enjoyed so much coming to your farm. You are a remarkable person. Take care, Sue Rice, Lincoln, Vermont

    • Thank you, Sue, and I am so happy that the Knit Stars program is something that you could benefit from and enjoy! I appreciate the feedback! My Angora Goats are taking turns with hoof problems in the past 6 months so I would not feel comfortable to send them along with you. Lately they’re doing much better, but from November through May, the cold and damp were making them creaky and ache-y and wincing their little steps. They’re much happier now that they’re turned out onto nice green and dry pasture. I am happy to hear about your daughter’s book/review and will definitely look into it. Thank you for the heads’ up and also for the note. Best wishes to Randy for a more comfortable summer and best to you in your adventures this summer! Be well, -Tammy

    • Thank you, Pat! And thank you on behalf of SJ! She’s helping me so much, and I love her art!!!

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