Early Bird Knitters…


…get the discount!


Enrollment for Knit Stars 2.0 is open (but only for 8 days)! It’s all online, with instruction from 10 amazing pros from all around the world – and you don’t need to leave your home. The Knit Stars 2.0 online summit is happening in October, and this is your chance to get in at a special Early Bird rate and get special access to the exclusive Knit Stars yarns.

Click here  for all the information and to enroll!

Up top: Andrea Mowry, Nancy Marchant, Beata Jezek, Amy Herzog, Steven Berg Down bottom: Laura Nelkin, Alexa Ludeman, Tammy White(that’s me!), Michele Wang, & Tamara Kelly


Did you notice the FARMER in the KnitStars 2.0 cast?!

I think it is very special because this means that folks are really starting to understand where their yarn comes from.  

Yay for awareness!

Teachers, designers, yarnies from around the world are participating in this lineup of online classes, and we got invited, too! It is so encouraging to me that the industry is coming around to supporting small farms and small farm yarns and we are even getting a place alongside the fancier, colorful world of commercial yarn producers and professionals.

Join me in celebrating that it is a great time to be a small farm yarn farmer.

There are a lot of times that farming is hard, so hard. This past week has been a doozie. There will be other doozie-weeks, too, because, well, that is farming for you. Keeping a flock alive and well is constant effort.

So I am rejoicing in the small boost that being a part of this online course offers. I am rejoicing that all of the efforts are not overlooked. Even if there are many other things to do with my time than to make this announcement, it is important to share, again. And I will share again before the course begins. And maybe again. That is how it goes with promoting yourself or promoting a good thing. You have to beat your own drum, blow your own horn.

Thanks for following along, in spite of the commercials, and thanks for being a small farm supporter.




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    • Well, 1 isn’t an easy fix, but 2 is! There’s so much online tutorial nowadays, it’s a good time to be a beginner knitter 🙂 Thanks, Nina! XO-Tammy

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