First Week of July 2017

On July 1, 3 ram lambs were born before my first cup of coffee, one of them needing a little help slipping out into the world.  He’d gotten turned ’round and had one back leg ready to stick the landing while his other was somewhere up inside, sort of doing a split.  SO fast I reached into that mama and moved him in, rearranged his back legs and then carefully brought him out with her next big push, quickly wiggling and swinging him to get him started on breathing.  I swiped his nose and face and next thing you know he was baahing sweet little baahs and his mama was answering.

Little number 3 ram lamb has a spot on his left ear.  A small, fawn-colored spot on an all white Polled Dorset x Cormo leggy-cutie pie.

No problems delivering number 2 -he was all legs.  So tall.  He didn’t make it 24 hours.  It was such a surprise and sadness to me because he was such a big guy, I just didn’t see it coming.  Martha needed to ‘count’ him for a couple of days so I left his spindly body on the ground near the stool where I sit to visit with them in their stall.  She let me take him out on the even of the third day and didn’t cry or fuss.  I was grateful it was not longer because it has been a warm week.  Hygiene-wise, it was not a great long-term situation.  But she let me take him and I was grateful to her for being ready, switching over to full time devotion to the other two.

Little number 1 ram lamb is doing fine.  He tends to be a bit less animated than number 3, but they keep each other incentivized to nurse and explore and I think he’s just a bit smaller.

If you want to watch the lambs and their mama, Martha, and their auntie, Melody(who is due soon, too, predicting July 14), click here

*A note – Martha & Melody are pretty large sheep, Polled Dorsets, and they don’t move quite so gracefully as I’d like in and around the bébes, but after watching them for going on 6 days, the little ones are adjusting!


This has been a full week of family and fun to celebrate holidays and birthdays and there was much work and play.  I finished up the lambing and switched over to pie-making to deliver to a wedding that afternoon – I hustled to prepare for family gatherings and birthday dinners and visitors of all types.  I cleaned stalls and treated sheep, moved fences and moved flocks.  All good things.

Tomorrow is the last day to enroll in the Early Bird offering for Knit Stars 2.0 and so you should definitely check that out here:  Knit Stars 2.0

Also tomorrow?  The arrival of three new Wing & A Prayer Farm fiber friends.  I’ll leave you to guess what’s coming!

Enjoy a few snaps from this past week, this first week of July:

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