Third Week In July

Summer Grazing

In the last week there’s been a flurry, as always, and it included receiving 50 turkey poults, 2 dozen chicks, welcoming Melody’s big little ewe lamb, named “Miriam”, quick trips to see friends in New Hampshire (thank you, Masons & Moose!!)(thank you, Tara & Miranda & Alli for having our back at the farm so we could go!), moving the sheep, moving the sheep again, moving the sheep again…, dyeing and dyeing and dyeing yarn from the farm, taking Jackie to the vet’s to check that rotten cough that keeps coming back, gardening, pickling, hosting summer campers, shearing a couple of sheep that had some overgrown-bad-haircuts from the spring, trying to fix broken things, saying goodbye to family that had to trek on(sigh…)

I wish there were two empty weeks to catch my breath, to figure out what’s up and what’s down, but that’s asking a lot.  Our quick overnights to see the Mason-family in NH inspired me enough with the purchase of some new food-storage containers to declare Monday of this week “January 1.”  I thought I’d clean out an overfull cabinet of saved-containers and replace them with proper clear storage vessels.  Lately I only have enough resources to take on baby-challenges where housekeeping is concerned.

Today I’ve taken a little time to put out a post with some photos and thoughts.  It’s a wonderful time of year to be inspired.  The flowers are blooming, the green is SO green around here, the sun is shining and the birds are singing all of the songs.

May your summer days be happy and healthy and inspired.

Enjoy the photos, click on some of the captions for links to read more.

Foraging & Flowers with Kelsie Doty

Daily Calendula Collecting

Pickling Time!

Jewel Weed Dyeing

Breakfasts with friends

Cairns on the coast

Beach roses, hips, lichen on the coast


Cow Patty Bingo in NH – I took a chance!

Winni at night

Sunset boat rides

Friends & Family Fishing Trips

Mom & the Mullein!

Kettle of Mullein leaves and flowers

Mullein dyed The Happiest Yarn

Jewelweed Dyed Cormo Yarn

Melody and her hours-old ewe lamb, Miriam

Miriam at 2 days old

Miriam entertains visitors with her cousins Michael & Moses at 3 days old

Joan whispers into Bilbo’s giant ears 🙂


6 responses to “Third Week In July

  1. It’s so wonderful to see the collaboration with you and your mother. To have such similar interests is an amazing event. I’ve never felt that. She must have been a fantastic mother to have led you on the path you both have shared.

    • Thanks, Kimberley! My mom and I are very similar in our interests – it’s great having a friend to work with!!

  2. Hi Tammy, are you using the mullein flowers to dye ? As you know, I’m a big mullein fan, having 3 different mullein plants, but not as high as the one with your mother 🙂 but hopefully some day, overall greetings Niels

    • Yes, we use the Mullein leaf and flower to dye with. They dye a light greenish-yellow color! 🙂

      • wow, I now see the photo with the mullein dyed yarn, can I buy some ? 😉 !

        • Thank you! I will be posting my yarns for sale this fall, I’m still trying to catch up dyeing everything! 🙂

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