September First

Goldenrod run – filling up the combs fast with honey

August was:

Working bees – old friends and new friends sharing in chores and play.

Honey – honeybees – beekeeping – bees’ keeping.

Harvesting – dye garden, herb garden, vegetable garden.  Daily calendula raids for healthy elixirs, herb wreaths, infusions and cocktails with Char.  Tomatoes, beets, peppers, wildflowers. Dyeing with Goldenrod & Indigo, and the two of them together.  Field trip to a favorite gardener’s gardens.

Yarn harvesting – back from the mill, coming soon from the mill – washing, rinsing, mordanting, dyeing, drying, washing, rinsing, drying, labeling, storing for the fall’s festivals.

Four wagon loads of baled, second cut hay – into our loft with strong, enthusiastic and giving farm helpers.

Working on our first pelt, Trevor’s pelt, in our own homemade tanning-endeavor.  Maggie, Finn & me.  Salt and tears. We’re learning a lot.

Saying goodbye to Martha, our sweet big Poll Dorset mama that had Michael & Moses some weeks ago. She went from bad to worse on a weekend and it was heartbreaking.

Bottle feeding babies – Michael & Moses weren’t taking very much, but at least some. Eating grain and hay, also, and growing well.  Nearly weaned altogether and out in the big field with Auntie Melody and cousin Miriam and All The Single Ladies(and their babes.)

Shetland lambs arriving – Piegi & Penelope – wee ones that gave me a good run around on their first afternoon.  Now in a stall with our Petunia who is not much older, settling in and making friends.  They came from a farm in Massachusetts and are the ewe lambs of our Padmé, whom we’d sold back in the early part of 2017.  They do not need to grow their flock and gave us right of first refusal.  Of course we welcome the wee ones to our farm -it was like picking up grandchildren!

Grad-school settling in for Char.

(Fun fact:  When Char was little, she wanted to homeschool her entire life, including college.  Alas, we both wish she could have homeschooled college AND grad school, as the farm is her favorite place to be, and my favorite place to have her! But she is out there, in the world, learning loads of important non-farm related stuff.  Sharing the love.)

Pie making – SO MANY PIES!  There is a run on pies in the northeast this fall, that’s all I’ve got to say.  I’ve been making 8 – 12 per day to stay caught up.

Calendar-making – each and every day full til the new year.  How is that possible?



Goldenrod & our Alpaca yarn (called Wilbur & Fluffhead!)

Tansy for dyeing

Madder, Jewelweed & Calendula make the prettiest colors on our Cormo yarn (Peter Pan & Bonnie)

Jewelweed bath

Goldenrod and Indigo on our pretty Alpaca (Wilbur & Fluffhead)

The many shades of Hopi Red Amaranthus

Washing and drying and washing and drying

Taproot Cowl in Taproot Magazine by Beatrice Perron Dahlen of Threadandladle – it features our yarn, Hayden & Olivia!

Thelma & Louise – off to Boston

Macs from our tree – soon

Char’s herb wreaths sold right out – she raised money for Boston Holocaust Memorial and Georgia Chapter of Black Lives Matter. The herbs grew with her care all summer. Good intentions and good deeds.

Pollinators – Jerusalem artichokes in my front gardens

Rudbeckia all over the flower beds and in the fields

Zinnias by the zillions in the dye garden

Indigo –ready to go

Finn & Maggie taking over bottle feedings with Moses & Michael


Joan & Me on the front porch – full of puppy by day, Livestock Guardian Dog by night – she’s making a splash on Modern Farmer magazine this month – look for her face as Cover Dog on September 12

The sheep in the field love a good cuddle

Miriam, a little less shy every day

Washing fleeces when the sun is shining

Toasting to the Solar Eclipse with a special concoction by Char – we didn’t have the special glasses so our aim was to join the flocks and watch their behavior. Their behavior was average for the day. But the drinks were delicious!

Char and I took in Hogback Mountain – playing tourist on our roadtripping back and forth to her new campus.


September is:

Festival-ing –

September 16 – Harvest Fiber Festival at Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm in Millis, MA  – find me there selling yarn from 9:30a.m. – 3:00p.m.

September 16 – Squam Art Fair – Rockywold Deephaven Camps, Squam, NH – find me there, selling more from the farm, from 7:30 – 10:00 p.m.

September 30 & October 1 – Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival, Tunbridge, VT – 10 a.m on to 4:00 p.m. – the quintessential country fair with gorgeous foliage surrounding the fairgrounds- quiet, relaxing and inspiring.



Farm & Home Series: Fall Workshops at Wing & A Prayer Farm 


This fall we’ll be hosting some wonderful learning gatherings covering sheep shearing to sourdough culture and all things in between. Join us for professional teachers & industry leaders on our working farm here in Vermont to build your skills, enjoy Farm-to-Table fare harvested from our farm or down the road, make new friends with good folk with shared interests, soak up the beauty of this pastoral setting while restoring your soul.


Check our Workshops Menu for details:


September 9 – Shearing School with Fred DePaul


September 10 – Sourdough with Jessica Lewis Stevens & Preserves with Tammy White

October 15 – Open Farm

October 27, 28 & 29 – Slow Fashion with Odacier & Foraging & Flowers Natural Dyeing with Kelsie Doty


November 12 – Farm & Home:  Beeswax & Stitches with Sugarhouse Workshop at Wing & A Prayer Farm – SAVE THE DATE, details to come


Shearing School with Fred DePaul


Sourdough with Jessica Lewis Stevens of Sugarhouse Workshop

The Patty Pinafore as designed and modeled by Ellen Mason

Foraging & Flowers with Kelsie Doty

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  1. Tammy I am both exhausted and energized by your post 😳. How can that be ? Wish I could be your neighbor. Think I would like to be a helper

  2. Hi Tammy,
    That goldenrod is gorgeous – the alpaca Wilbur and Fluffhead. Do you have that for sale online?

    Reading your posts always makes me happy!

    • Thank you, Beth! I am so pleased with the goldenrod dye vats this fall! And yes, I will post it for sale online in my Etsy shop but not until after the third week of October when I’ve had my last road-show! If you are interested in a particular amount, I’ll send it to you and we can work out the details. 🙂

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