Place-based Color, Place-based Wool: a gathering to create and enjoy nature and friends

Sharing photos and captions to describe the beautiful gathering this past weekend, keep scrolling for the Lemon Sourdough Cake recipe, & check out what’s coming up at the farm and where you’ll find us next!

Sunset over Muppet-land

The barn sign needed updating because we’ve had farm friends come and go that weren’t reflected in the past art. Miranda has been fighting a nasty cough/cold for a couple of weeks, works 2-3 other jobs, but still made time to come by in the evening and make the board a colorful, new, accurate sign for our farm!

Judith Schwartz, local author of “Cows Save the Planet” and “Water In Plain Sight”, with David, our Shetland Wether. Judith has written an article on the farm and fibersheds, upcoming, and I will share when the time comes. Recently I have had such lovely visits with Judith. Though we’ve known each other for years and she’s been to the farm before, I’d never had a chance to tell her about the work of our farm. She let me talk her ear off!

Tony Eprile, local author of “The Persistence of Memory” & husband of Judy, taking photos for Judy’s upcoming article about the farm and fibersheds.

Fresh Leaf Indigo Dye on the Thelma & Louise yarn and soon, a silk scarf

Fresh Leaf Indigo on Thelma & Louise’s vintage 2017 yarn

Indigo Dyeing with the Vermont Colored Wool Retreat

Fresh Leaf Indigo Dye is green but produces turquoise results

The gorgeous color of fresh leaf indigo.

Every day I am picking flowers from our dye gardens and every day I get to watch the bees busily pollinating!

Our Little Fox Fiber Shop has been full of beautiful natural colored yarns – getting ready to take it on the road.

Gail tightening the lid on the Marigold dyed yarn that will be used in weaving. She contributed a dark-valued color as we tried to get three different values of each color we used. The intent was to offer the option of gradient dyeing for gradient weaving.

Cindy and Sweet Pea

TB tickled Laurie, I’m pretty sure!

Cindy wore her hat that she’d crocheted with Hayden and Olivia’s fiber. Hayden and Olivia partially obliged to be in the photo!

Susie and Joan and Pawtograph! Susie really loved meeting Joan and couldn’t wait to have her “pawtograph” her Modern Farmer copy! Joan obliged and gave her a nice, big pawprint on the inside of the magazine near the page where she and I were posing with the sheep. How fun!

Cindy had a chance to catch up with all of the animals – she was on a mission! Last year she’d hoped to attend the Vermont Colored Wool Retreat but had health issues that prevented her from coming. She made up for lost time this year and was one of the first sign ups! We made sure she got introduced to all of the farm friends!

Melinda, Tracy, Judith, Joanne and Pat carefully placing their foraged color around their silk scarves to extract with pounding.

Gail modeled her ecoprinted scarf

Tracy and her Indigo harvest for our Fresh Leaf Indigo Dyeing

Princess Peppermint, the garden piggy, and Susie and Carol with their Indigo bouquets

Vermont Colored Wool Retreat posing with dyed yarns and eco-printed scarves. We had yet to dye with our fresh leaf indigo dye, but as you can see, shadows were starting to get long and we didn’t want to lose the opportunity to get a group photo in.

Jane, Susie, Joanne, Laurie, Tracy & Carol await the results of their Fresh Leaf Indigo dyeing

Judith artfully placed foraged materials on her silk scarf and ecoprinted with pounding-extraction, then dip-dyed the ends of her scarf in the Fresh Leaf Indigo Dye we’d made.

Pat had bought her Thelma & Louise yarn from the farm last year during the Vermont Colored Wool Retreat and she took it home and knit it up into this beautiful shawl. She’d borrowed a book from me which she said she read from cover-to-cover and went from not knowing a knit from a purl to being a knitting fiend! It’s so nice to hear all of that, and to see the finished object. It’s like my kids coming home!

French General‘s Kaari Meng taught weaving using our dyed wool in Meleen’s brand new event space in nearby Arlington, VT.

Molly Meng dyed the wool and silk that she wove into this beautiful piece at the Vermont Colored Wool Retreat’s weaving class with French General.

Kaari Meng, of French General, had woven samples for everyone to reference for the weaving workshop taught on Saturday.

French General’s beautiful weaving displays for the Vermont Colored Wool Retreat class at Meleen’s bright and airy new event space at her family’s second homes in nearby Arlington, VT. Kaari & Molly Meng demonstrated and taught in this comfortable, spacious venue all weekend long.

Mary had a pretty, colorful work in progress to show from weaving with the gorgeous farm yarns we’d dyed the day before. The red building in the background is the new event space at Meleen’s place in Arlington where the retreat goers stayed and made beautiful art and craft together. I loved seeing Mary’s work – it was like seeing my kids!

I’m baking every day.  I did prepare and bake some pies for the guests of the Vermont Colored Wool Retreat to enjoy, and also threw together this Lemon Sourdough Cake.  I made it up this morning because I’ve been using so much sourdough lately but had a hankering for lemon cake. The recipe in the blog here

I’ve been making Sourdough loaves a couple of times a week these days after Jessica Lewis Stevens’ Sourdough Workshop here. They’re getting better and better!

Donna helped me around the farm with fiber-tasks at the conclusion of the Vermont Colored Wool Retreat and it was the loveliest way to get things done and catch up. I’m always so preoccupied when we host retreats that it is difficult to have an extended conversation with anyone, so it was such a treat to spend time not teaching, just socializing! Jinx enjoyed it too!

Come see me this coming weekend at the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival in Tunbridge, VT! September 30 & October 1, 2017

Ellen Mason, “Odacier”, in her Patricia Camilla Pinafore -she’s teaching the pattern in an upcoming class at the end of October here on the farm. She’ll be sharing some time with Kelsie Doty who will be teaching Natural Dyeing. It’s going to be a colorful, creative weekend and everyone that participates will be sure to go home with beautiful things. There are a couple of spots left and you can check out the details here.



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