Saturday-morning Shop (small) Talk

Nievé and Noché the morn they were born with me and Nessa, April 11, 2016

Nessa and Noché and Nievé, April 2016

This morning, November 25, 2017, saying goodbye to Nievé and Noché as I sent them off to their new home in Kentucky.


This morning I saw my son and two Shetland sweeties off by 5:15 a.m..  I popped out of bed to “Aint No Mountain High Enough’ at 4:15 to make some leftover turkey sandwiches and a breakfast sandwich for Jody to hit the road with, then loaded his truck with Shetland ewes(hopefully pregnant!) and frozen pies and wreaths from Char’s workshop.  He’s headed to Kentucky to deliver Noché and Nievé to a beautiful farm that I’d delivered 4 Shetland ewes to last year at this time.  My friend Dianne is growing a nice little spinning flock down there on her wide acreage…  This past spring, our ewe, now her ewe, Wendy, had twins and so that brought Dianne’s little flock of Shetlands up to 6.  In a dozen hours she’ll have 8!  Maybe next spring, 10 or 12?  I’d love to make the trip to see my girls’ lambs.

After Jody hit the road, I strained off some Rhubarb-dyed skeins and started a vat of Cutch to overdye them.  I am anticipating a gold-tinged rust, but we will see.  It will be the end of the day before the color is really revealed.

I’ve got a few good colors of Vermont Sock Yarn still in the dye pots and some that’s tagged and ready to go.  It’s been a great fall for Black Walnuts and they make the most gorgeous, chocolatey colors.  Several skeins of that are rinsing and drying as well.

More rhubarb dyeing has commenced this morning, too, and I will need to check that vat in a few hours.

I’ve got maybe 15 minutes before the sheep start baahing – they didn’t want breakfast at 5:00 because I woke them up.  They like to sleep in, I notice.  They like to dine when the sun warms the air a bit, and that is fine with me.  So I made another cup of coffee and took to indoor chores for awhile.



Thanksgiving in our home was warm and full of delicious dishes and loving family. There are barking dogs and in-and-out cats and crowing roosters and yelling geese and simmering and baking and washing and slicing and… there is so much going on, always.  Then, somewhere late in the afternoon, the table is set, the relatives arrive, and we sit together to sup and chat. It is magical. I say it and mean it:  blessed.

I’m never thinking about shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  I’m thinking about finishing all of the dishes and just letting the day unfold with the regular chores.  This year I made a few extra pies to freeze, dyed yarn, and cleaned a stall.  I hung out with two of my kids for the day, which was sublime.

But I do cozy up to the idea of Small Business Saturday. 

And here I am.  This quick note to say hello, this is what we’re up to, and know that if you hit up our Etsy site for any Small Business Saturday shopping, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any purchases for November 25, 2017.

Here’s the link: Wing & A Prayer Farm Etsy Shop SHOPSMALL


Also, we’ve got 2018 Calendars for sale!  Hurrah!  My daughter SJ helped me to get them out the door on time, and Char helped me with my Etsy site and Jody drove me ’round to pick up the odds and ends.  A family-effort!

Walnut dyeing on Vermont Sock Yarn

Black Walnut Dyed Vermont Sock Yarn