Goodbye and hello again

This has happened before this year so I'm starting to wonder about things such as boomerangs. Last evening, Maggie opened the back door and amidst the shuffling of boots and coats and coming and going, me zipping one more thing together…

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Linsey Woolsey

lin·sey-wool·sey ˌlinzē ˈwo͝olzē/ noun a strong, coarse fabric with a linen or cotton warp and a woolen weft The month of September had me needing a strong, coarse something to keep from unraveling.  I brought my daughter back to school…

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Halfway through August

August has been full steam ahead.  There's been comings and goings of all sorts.  Is August the comings and goings month?  It might be. Chalkboard: Upcoming - September 9, Fred DePaul & Farmer Tam(me) - Shearing School September 16, Shearing…

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