Soil Therapy

Waiting for spring...spring has sprung, technically, and on a nice day we have enjoyed the first buds, the honeybees buzzing, the sheep springing, the horses frisking and the rooster strutting!  However, this week we are back into a grey, cold…

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“Lady Joy!”

My birthday is coming up and I just received the loveliest card from a very dear friend.  He calls me "Lady Joy" which is what I've decided I would like as the epitaph on my headstone someday...Gerrit says "Know that…

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Winter chores

We've been having snowstorms weekly since Christmas.  It makes for a beautiful and bright landscape.  The fences are down, though, in certain pastures and so little Nite Nite, the Shetland Pony, is frequently found ranging about, for the fun of…

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