Cold & Sunny

Bundle up and get outside, and if you're housebound, watch Iris the very pregnant Cotswold, and the other sheep, on the LambCam.  Until Iris has those babies and everyone is safe and sound, I won't be able to exhale.  Iris…

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Farriers, Technology & Young Apprentices

This day was a frigid blur.  Snow had accumulated overnight, lovely powdery fluffy stuff, about 4 inches.  I didn't need to plow because you could walk or drive through it easily enough.  It was 19 degrees out, but with the wind…

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January 2016

Happy and healthy new year to all of our followers!  I'd been on writing-hiatus since mid-December.  I fully intended to keep up my daily journal online, but my priority of family first will never change, and the minutes to sit…

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