March 1

Turned the calendar. Fed and watered the livestock and sat in the field with the Angora goats for awhile, observing Trillium's gait.  She had a peculiar, high-stepping game going on as she walked through the field.  After a fashion I…

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January 2016

Happy and healthy new year to all of our followers!  I'd been on writing-hiatus since mid-December.  I fully intended to keep up my daily journal online, but my priority of family first will never change, and the minutes to sit…

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December Seventh and Eighth, Ninth and Tenth

December Seventh: Animals were in super duper shape.  Observed sheep for some time.  Custer is mating with Charlotte and Mary, still, so they must still be in estrus.  He's a bit at odds because his harness straps are dragging and…

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