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  1. I LOVE! your humor. Hello, my name is Ishana and I am working on a kickstarter project to make some coats from local fiber – local dyes and all local labor. I am a designer/artist with a passion for getting the Vermont Fibershed off the ground. So – wondering if I could use a couple sheep pics from your website to represent Vermont Sheep in my kickstarter campaign.
    Check out the Facebook page “Vermont Sustainable Textile Community”. The Vermont Fibershed will have its own on-line marketplace in the next few months and you are welcome!
    Ishana – Burlington, VT

    • Hi Ishana:
      Thank you! You are welcome to share the Shetland of Wing and a Prayer Farm! They’ll be (and we all will be) grateful to you for the online-love, for the appreciation for their beautiful selves! Thank you so much for your visit, and for your interest. Let us know how it goes with the online marketplace. Shearing in March!

    • Tammy;
      Good evening, I just came across your site this evening, in my research on shetland sheep. I tried to email you but the email on your site is invalid.
      Do you have any ewes or ewe lambs available, and if so please give me some information about them
      and the price you are asking.
      I am looking for pets/lawn mowers basically, would probably use their fleece also.
      Please let me know.

      • Gosh Noemi, I’m just seeing this from TWO YEARS AGO! Shame on me! Are you still thinking about adding some pets/lawn mowers/fleece growers? I have cute little lambs for sale! Shetlands. A pair of wethers, Nigel & Neville, and twins David & Doris. Let me know if you’re interested, but best to email me at jtwhite5@me.com so I don’t miss it!

  2. I received the horse tote bag today. This delivery might be faster than Amazon Prime. I opened the package, put the tote on my arm and went out the door to the grocery store to test it out. Good news it carried two bottles of vodka along with other groceries and held up just fine. I love my new tote bag. I have a feeling it will get lots of attention when I use it at Trader Joe’s! It is a pleasure doing business with you. Could you use your influence to get my name moved to the top of the list for the next Charlotte and Meleen’s craft getaway. I want to see the little ewes from lambcam. Hugs – Carol

    • wow that was fast, Carol! I’m glad to know that USPS can ship so quickly and that you love your bag!!! Enjoy! Enjoy!!

      I hope I’ll see you at the end of May with Charlotte & Meleen’s craft getaway – they need another house!!!!
      Hugs back!

  3. I got my “spring” apron. Now I am working on the wardrobe to go with it. I did get in to Meleen and Charlotte’s Spring Craft Getaway. Thanks for putting in the good word for me! I can’t wait to come to the farm. I am a volunteer at a “working farm” here in Glenview, I mostly do programs for children. I am a city girl but have learned a lot about farming. We have preserved the family home on the farm and do private dinners using the wood burning stove. I love my new apron! Thank you Char for all the work you put into making it. See you the end of May. I watch the lambcam several times each day. I set my phone alarm so I do not miss the chat tonight.

    Hugs – Carol

    • Hurrah Carol! Thanks for such a super note! We’re working on a few glitches – today’s video seems spotty and I’m not sure if it’s a bad internet connection with my provider, or if it’s here. But we’re working on it so that we’ll be live tonight! I’ll wave to you!
      Can’t wait to see you at the end of May for a REAL live lamb visit!

  4. Hello Tammy,
    I have been following your posts on modfarm instagram. The posts are so informative and are a great introduction to angora goats for me. I am slowly heading down the path of having animals. I am very interested in fiber but also cheese and milk. Do you know or have you worked with any specific sheep breeds that are particularly known for this duality? And now I am more curious about Angora goats for the same question. Any suggestions or thoughts would be wonderful. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge 🙂

    Beth Mort
    On Instagram I am walterandthefox.

    • Beth: YIKES! I am just seeing this. I feel terrible! I will email you directly, if I haven’t already somehow answered your inquiry before now. I’m a space cadet!

    • Oh Sue! Am I long overdue in responding? Gosh I feel terrible that I’m just seeing this inquiry. I have one pair in my Etsy shop right now – I must do something about getting them on my webpage, too, so people can find them right away. Thank you and sorry for such a late reply. Sincerely,

  5. Hello Miss Tammy,

    I found this website from an Internet search for people who wear farm overalls.

    On this page, you mention that you can give seasonal tours of your farm.

    When do you give tours?

    Please send me an email.


  6. Hello Tammy,

    I just have some questions to ask you:

    Do you have a guestroom that I can stay-in? Or do I need to reserve a hotel room?

    If I need to reserve a hotel room, I’ll need someone to transport me between the hotel, and your farm.

    What kinds of things do you do at the farm?

    From other comments on this page, sounds like you shear your sheep in March.

    On this site, you mention the animals that you’ve invested in. You also mention poultry.

    I think you invest in turkeys.

    Do you also invest in chickens?

    Do you run the farm by yourself?


    • Hi: Yes, I have turkeys for Thanksgiving, and we raise hens to sell for layers but also raise them ourself to sell eggs. I run the farm mostly on my own, my husband has a full time job and can help on weekends. My kids help when they are home from school and work. Mostly I raise fiber animals, and shearing is twice a year, but never on the same days. It all depends when the shearer can get here.

      I’m sorry I don’t have accommodations at the farm at this time. I am hoping someday to have farm stays.

      I hope this is helpful!

  7. Hi Tammy,

    This is to inform you that I’ll be flying into NY’s Albany Intl Airport.

    Flying-in March 4, and flying-out March 7.

    I should arrive at your farm about 5 PM on March 4.

    I’ll return to Albany Intl about 9 AM on March 7.

    I’m eager to see this accommodation cottage of yours.

    How much are you charging for me to stay at your cottage?

    How about the food? Any charge?

    Any charges that I should know about?


    • Hi! I’m sorry I was not successful contacting you via phone – I couldn’t make out the whole message and missed the number! I wanted to tell you that we don’t rent the cottage anymore, another person owns it now! So I cannot put you up for your visit! If you are interested in staying in Southern Vermont, there are other places, “Taraden” in North Bennington for example, that I can recommend! Thanks so much,
      P.S.: Easier in the future to contact me via email, jtwhite5@me.com, so I will see it sooner!

  8. I am looking to purchase a beautiful black raw skirted fleece! Do you have any for sale, or spring shearing?

    • Hi Kimber:
      I’m sorry, but I don’t have any black. In the spring I will have a chocolate brown merino fleece that you may be interested in. If you find something between now and then, no problem! Thanks for the note!

  9. Hi Tammy. Leslie Blatt sent me your address to mail you something but of course I haven’t done it yet. I’m going to Benninton next Wednesday the 18th and was wondering if I could drop it off to you at the farm? If it’s a busy day I understand. Let me know if that works for you.
    Michele Muska

  10. So, I just want to understand this-we can’t go for a Sunday (or whatever day) ride, stop by your farm, buy a pie, yarn, etc. we have to make an appointment? Follow you on Instagram and love all the pictures.

    • Correct, it is best to contact me. It is a production farm and sometimes there are events or projects scheduled that make it difficult to host visitors. Also, it is our home and sometimes our family likes to have time together without hosting. Thank you for the kind note!

    • Thank you, Carol! We sure had a wonderful time all together! Thank you for making the trek here and joining in and making beautiful yarns!

  11. Hi Tammy do you have any T&L yarn available? My gentle ewe shawl pattern is curious 😆

    • Hi Sonja:
      Thanks for the note. I’m sold out of T&L! Here’s the link to Nido, the store in Burlington, VT that has the last of our stock:


      If you check with them, you may be able to order some online. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Sonja: I hope I wrote back to you already, otherwise I am sorry for being so late! I am sold out here, but nidovt.com sells it!
      Thanks so much!

  12. just picked up me first issue of modern farmer and am smitten by the pages devoted to you, Joan and Wing and a Prayer Farm. Amidst all the awful news headlines I take great comfort in your lovely writing…”there’s not a stitch of the puppy in her. Take good care mate.
    A friend,
    Steve Kemp

    • Thanks, Steve! It’s nice to get such positive comments – happy to see you enjoyed Joan in Modern Farmer!

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