We have become alpaca farmers over the last two years, and on February 5, 2015, became first time cria farmers with the surprise birth of little Orion.  It’s been quite an enchanting struggle to keep him alive and healthy, but at this point, he is both of those.  There is a “Criacam” rigged up in our barn where one can watch Orion & his mum, Olivia, any time our internet connection will allow it.  You may see us coming and going to feed him bottles, or other chores which require us to go into the tack room where they have both resided since he was born.  DropCam, the video monitor company that makes our camera, even featured our live feed on their website so little o, as he is nicknamed, became sort of famous!  Here’s the link if you want to give it a try:

We now own 9 alpacas, of various colors and ages, and they all have unique and endearing personalities to go with their beautiful features.  And THAT FIBER!  We blend it with our wool and mohair for the softest yarn.  When we fall into an alpaca’s neck to snuggle them, we are all stuck there.  Soft, soft, soft!

Alpaca Zen

Alpaca Zen

Jessie Olivia TB in paddock Poncho, TB, Jessie, Olivia in the park IMG_0871 Little Orion, 2 weeks old, mama Olivia looking on


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  1. How gorgeous!! I love your color flock of alpaca!! I just listened to your Woolful interview and I feel like I know them 🙂 you mentioned they are easy to keep. Are they inexpensive to keep on pasture?

    • Hi and thank you! They are not too difficult as in they are quiet and gentle and graze quite efficiently. Because of the threat of the meningeal parasite here in the Northeast, due to the White Tail Deer which are prevalent and a host, we have to vaccinate our alpacas every six weeks with a chemical parasite-control to keep the threat of infection at bay. That is about the only high maintenance thing. We have a shearer in May that specializes in alpacas and we trim their hooves then. They are sweet and funny and particular. They like treats. They can even be trained. Some of them are stand-offish. Much like everything else around here, they are unique and I love them!-Tammy

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