Free/Pasture Ranged Turkey is raised on our farm from May through November to provide our Thanksgiving customers with a high quality, healthy option.  Our farm has high standards for keeping the flock safe, healthy, comfortable and stress free while they forage and are fed organic turkey grain supplementally.  We sell out each year, so if you are interested, send an email and we can give you more information about buying/picking up or delivering a turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Our hens are free ranged, also, and we hatch out and raise many of our own from our Wing and a Prayer stock.   We sell full grown pullets at $25/each, chick prices vary according to their ages.  Fertilized eggs of all types can be purchased as well.  We have a wide variety of chickens.  Over 20 different breeds & mixed breeds.  We sell eggs at the end of our driveway.  If you want a dozen, it is an honor-system/first come-first serve basis.  If you know ahead of time that you would like to buy eggs, contact us and we’ll save them for you with your name on them in the cooler.  The chicken eggs are $3.50/dozen and the duck eggs are $5/dozen.

The white peafowl, Figaro & Susannah, were just married in Spring of 2013.  Figaro is now married to Xenia Marie.  There are many stories in between he & Susannah & Xenia Marie.  We hope that next year will bring peachicks.  Crossing fingers!

Our Blue Indian Runner Ducks are very active and amusing.  They are not for sale and we are currently hoping for a hatch as there is one mama that has a giant nest of eggs under her.  They are ornamental ducks and have been busy foraging our property for snails and slugs, bugs and worms.  They love greens, also, and gobble up the weeds that we throw them from our garden voraciously.  If you are interested in ducklings, let us know and we can put you on a list.  We also acquired a pair of Muscovy ducklings this summer which have grown exponentially since we got them.  They are Fred & Ginger(snap) and are beautiful, huge ducks now.  We think they will make great parents when the time comes.


Dressed or Undressed? Weighing the turkeys.


Indian Blue Runner Ducks' eggs

Indian Blue Runner Ducks’ eggs

We wash the eggs the day we pack them for sale.

We wash the eggs the day we pack them for sale.


Our Silver Laced Polish hen – one of many “fancy” breeds we raise.


Ducks in a Row





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    • Hello Beverly: Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I do have Indian runners, but not for sale yet. I am about to set a bunch up under my Muscovy, who is very broody, to hatch them out. The Runners are not great at being broody or rearing up littles! I can contact you when they hatch. I am also waiting for my peahen to start laying – it is the mating season so I think it should be soon. Again, I will include the eggs for my Muscovy to hatch out. I will let you know! Thanks for the note.

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