2015 Thanksgiving Turkeys

We have a few 6-7 lb 2015 Thanksgiving Turkeys that are frozen.  Contact jtwhite5@me.com for details.  We ship.  They are $5.75/lb..  Shipping is not included.


We raise heritage breed birds from day-old poults to fully mature turkeys that range in weights from 13 – 28 pounds.  This year we have selected “Midget Whites” and “Chocolate” turkeys.  We’ve raised Chocolates before – they grow quite beautifully, dressing out at around 24 lbs.  We’ll see how it goes this year.

They are free-ranging our farm until the final month and a half when we confine them to a pasture-ranging life.  (This is a hygiene-thing, folks.  They are quite social and it becomes very messy underfoot when they free-range, as they enjoy our front & back porch for evening roosts.)  They dine on forage and organic (Green Mountain Feeds) grain, fresh water, apples, and whatever they want from the gardens.

If you would like to order a turkey for your Thanksgiving table this year, or as in the case of one of our customers, for your backyard flock, please do not delay in contacting us to reserve yours.  They are reputably outstanding in quality and we have many return-customers.

We accept orders for Small, Medium & Large birds and try our best to match up your request with the right size.  Small is 9 – 15 pounds, Medium is 16-22 pounds, and Large is 23 pounds and up.

Price is $5.75/pound, available on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014.  If you are out of town, we can provide overnight shipping on ice, at additional cost.

Introducing the 2013 flock from Wing and a Prayer Farm

Introducing the 2013 flock from Wing and a Prayer Farm

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