Registered Angora Goats

Our farm raises Angora Goats for their mohair fiber to use for roving & yarn in blends or as is.  We have 13 altogether:  (non-bred) 2 older gals, Thelma & Louise, with their doelings Trillium & Lupine and 3-year old Sabrina with her little wether yearling, Samson. Our buck is “Night”, from Kat Smith at Stone’s Throw Farm in Wallingford, VT.  Our 2-year old does are Sue, with her buckling “Sunny”, Thalia, with her doeling “Thimble”, and lastly, Brigid, with her doeling “Blossom.”  We lovingly refer to the Angora Goats as “The Muppets” or, “the underfoots”, or, “the poodle goats”, and they are dear, dear animals that love attention, good forage, and of course, a nibble of grain for a treat.  We sell mohair unwashed and also washed as roving or spun and blended in yarn. Our Mohair-Cormo blend yarn is in stock(check our Etsy shop) and it is sumptuous.  It is also available for purchase at Creative Fiber Design in Brandon, VT.


Angora Goats Sunset

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