We chose to raise Shetland Sheep on our farm because of their hardy & primitive nature.  They are a smaller animal, mature wethers weighing in at 85-90 lbs, ewes at 60-70 lbs., which are easy to handle.  Our ewes are capable moms, delivering without trouble, but we love to be on-hand during lambing to ensure bonding, cut the cords and dip them in iodine, and prevent “lamb-napping” by eager ewes that are awaiting their own lambs.  We enjoy the sheep at all ages and because they are hand-raised, they are easy to keep in good health as we are able to handle them for vaccinations, worming, wethering and any accidents.  Our Shetland lambs are for sale each year upon weaning.  The lambs of 2014 are weaned and available.  Our flock of purebred Shetlands are shorn twice a year and their fleece is coveted by hand-spinners.  We sell their yarn & fleece in our Etsy shop and also out of our farm yarn-shop.

Our sheep are pastured in 8 permanent pastures, which we rotate seasonally for the best preventative maintenance of parasites, and in flexible mesh-net fencing which we “run” them to for day-time grazing in new locations.

We keep our sheep in at night when we hear coyotes because we don’t have a guard-dog or llama on the premises and we feel it is the safest way to keep them.

Shetland wethers

Shetland ewe & wether lamb, Aisling & Argyll, Fall 2014

Shetland wether lamb Rupert

Shetland wether lamb Rupert, Fall 2014

We have trained our sheep to come into the barn and put them in a stall at night with hay & fresh water for bedtime snacks.  Our sheep do eat pelletized grain as a treat which we use for training.  They love it!  And they are a bit spoiled, as will be evidenced by a visit to the farm.  They have come to know Tammy, their shepherdess, as a pushover softy that will happily throw them a little more hay vs. hear them baah.

If you are interested in Shetland Sheep for pasture-pals, a fleece flock, a great starter-sheep, general all-purpose sheep, contact us for further information.  We like to work with prospective customers closely to ensure the best fit for both the shepherds/shepherdesses & the sheep.



We also raise Registered Cotswold Sheep and are expecting lambs from 5 ewes in May of 2015.  We love the Cotswolds.  They are the gentle giants as compared the the lively and much smaller Shetlands.  They cohabitate beautifully with the Shetlands and any other animals that may share a pasture.

We enjoy their locks as they are luscious and crimpy and add such a lustre to the rug yarn we like to make with them.  They also make fine locks for needlefelting or fiber artists.


Cotswold Yarn


Lavender amongst the Shetlands


Lavender & Hester, the Cotswolds

Hester, the Cotswold

Hester, the Cotswold

Lavender & Hester make a pretty rug, don't they?

Lavender & Hester make a pretty rug, don’t they?


Meet Laurel, our Merino ewe that is due in May for her second lambing.  Last year she had a little ram lamb, Mansfield, whom we sold to a farm up north.  Wonder what she’ll deliver this year?  So excited.  She has a gorgeous, deep chocolate-y fleece which spins up beautifully.  Her coat is so thick this winter, can’t wait to see how much she yields on shearing day this year!

Laurel, our Merino ewe, is due to lamb in May.  Last year she had a little ram lamb, Manny, whom we sold to another farm.  What do you suppose she'll have this year?

Laurel, our Merino ewe, is due to lamb in May. Last year she had a little ram lamb, Manny, whom we sold to another farm. What do you suppose she’ll have this year?


Shetland Sheep For Sale

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