LAMBCAM & KIDCAM- LIVE at Wing and A Prayer Farm

Here is a sample from last week’s LAMBCAM – LIVE CHAT! 

Tune in this Sunday, March 30th at 8p.m.(EST), for LAMBCAM – LIVE CHAT!                                   Ask your questions in the comments-section below or tweet them at Farmer Tam (@wingandaprayerf) & Farmer Tam will answer them             LIVE from the sheep stall.

Below, check out our new and improved LAMBCAM – LIVE from Wing and A Prayer Farm in Shaftsbury, VT!  We’ve got the camera trained on Laurel, our Merino ewe, that is due any day in the next week or so.  If you have problems loading the page, try refreshing in your browser or updating to be sure you have the latest version of flash.


Wing and A Prayer Farm PIE GIVEAWAY:  How can you win? Just subscribe to our blog (unless you already do) and leave a comment in the comment-section below. Subsequent questions can be asked and the entries will be submitted separately. (By filling out your email address on the right side and then clicking “E-I-E-I-O”  -make sure to check your email for a confirmation– then you’ll be a subscriber!) We’ll announce the winner, chosen by random-number, at the conclusion of lambing/kidding season, somewhere around May 15th. Check back here on May 16th for winner’s announcement.

You can also leave comments about anything fun you noticed while viewing.

To make lambcam full-screen, click on the full-screen symbol on the bottom right of the camera window.

The Merinos, Laurel & little Mansfield, & the Shetlands Nikki, Ruva, Pansy & Aisling’s LambCam:



Winky & Bunny’s LambCam

NEW KidCam – The Angoras, Thelma & Louise:

86 responses to “LAMBCAM & KIDCAM- LIVE at Wing and A Prayer Farm

  1. This is the greatest idea! This makes me miss having a farm so much! I can’t wait to see the baby!

  2. I am viewing lamcam. This is so neat. I have passed info onto a preschool teacher friend of mine who last year watched baby eagles being born. Love your pies. Enjoyed everyone while at Charlotte and Meleen’s Vermont Craft Getaway this winter.

    • Thanks, Carol! We had fun at Charlotte & Meleen’s!! I’m happy you found the lambcam – maybe your preschool teacher would like to have a special LambChat with the kids some day? You could ask her, I’d be happy to host a preschool lambchat – she could put their questions on the comment section here, and I could answer them on their own viewing while they’re in school (if she has a laptop or computer they could watch on!)

  3. So excited for the babies! Great idea to do the Q&A for all of us who wouldn’t have the opportunity to see in person! And I would love a pie but sadly I live too far away.

    • Lauren, I ship! Don’t you worry about being too far away for pie! And, yes, I’m happy to have this opportunity for the Q & A – you need to put your questions in the comments’ section of this post so I can read them during the Q & A session. Does that make sense? Unless you want to tweet your questions at me – I can pick them up when I’m in the barn tomorrow night!

      • Woohoo! As far as a question – how much of the lambing is all on the mother sheep? Do you get involved at all, if there are no unexpected issues, or does she handle it on her own?

    • OOOH, yes, Kerry, I’ll share with everyone why there’s poultry singing coming from the barn during the LAMBCAM LIVE Web Chat tomorrow night! Good ears!
      And thanks for the stop-by. You’ll get entered in the pie-drawing 🙂

    • Kathleen – thanks for the question! We’ll answer it tomorrow night at 8pm on the LIVE LAMBCAM! You’ll be tuning in, right?! I don’t have a way to field audio questions, that’s why the list of comment/questions for the webchat!
      🙂 It IS addictive!

    • Jean, thank you! Tune in tomorrow night for the web chat at 8pm! If you have any questions, go ahead and leave them in the comments section, too. And your name goes in the drawing for the pies 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Did someone say PIE?!?! Love the new cam. The kiddos have been loving watching tonight. Thank You for taking the time to set this up. We really appreciate it!

    • Yay Christian! So happy you guys are getting a kick out of it! And yes, indeed, your name goes in the hat for the pie!

      Do the kiddos have any questions for me? I’d love to be able to read them out loud on the webchat tomorrow night(I’ll be in the stall from 8 – 8:30 and answering everyone’s questions Live!)

  5. What is the normal gestation period for a sheep? Does it vary in Cotswold vs Shetland? Like, does size matter?

  6. How many lambs does a sheep usually have? What are some complications you might encounter when lambing? How can you help the expectant mother through the process?

  7. After Laurel gives birth, will she remain separated from the herd? If so, how long before she can introduce her baby to the rest of the gang?

  8. How many animals of various types do you have and how do you find the time to bake? How many years have you been raising animals?

  9. It’s so funny to hear all those noises in your barn and see 3 ewes lying quietly in their pens!

  10. Hi!,
    I would love to hear about your first lambing experience. And also, how many hours of sleep have you lost this year and all years combined?!
    Love and birthing support to my favorite sheep farmer!

  11. Hi Tammy; I put your lambcam on for the 84 yr. old I take care of and he is glued to the screen…….Fred is so excited that he might get to see a lamb born. Great idea to show this at nursing homes,for all the senior farmers! They would love it!

  12. What is the maximum number I multiples you have seen born? Are multiples common? Annie from williamstown, ma

  13. Hello from da Carribean! I wish I could be there, but the beach is a good second choice. Have fun with the sheepies!

    • That is SO AWESOME! I’ve been thinking about you, Katelyn! So happy you’re able to watch. Have a great time at the beach!

  14. Hello from California! I don’t have a question yet, but I doubt you could ship a pie here anyhow. 😉

  15. So happy to see the lamb cam back new and improved! Not sure if Laurel is getting much rest with the white sheep banging on the shed wall! Is she pregnant,too,and when is she due?

    • Hi Loretta! Wished we’d had your question on the web chat tonight! It’s true, that little Aisling is quite active! And yes, she IS pregnant! She’s going to be a first time mama in late April/early May. Thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoy the lambcam!

  16. What is the constant Banging ans noise happening, there is all way’s a sound event….Poor Mommy needs to sleep…..

    • Oh Jean! Sorry I missed this comment earlier! Good question, she is not likely to have twins because she is a first time mom. But of course, one never knows until the day arrives! It would be best for her NOT to have twins for the first time because it’s easier for her to “learn the ropes”, so to speak, as a mom of a single first. Thanks for the comment! Thanks for watching!

  17. I opened the lambcam just as Laurel was knocking all the cupcakes everywhere. I was rolling on the floor laughing. That was hysterical! And, it was also fun to see you digging in the straw to find them. If Laurel eats some you did not find will she get sick? What a great way to start the chat. Tammy, you handled it very well and did not get upset with her. I enjoyed the chat. Carol

    • Carol! That WAS hysterical, not staged at all, but I was pretty bummed about all the work that went into the cupcakes! Now I know better! Oh well!
      Yeah, we’re going to finish finding cupcakes for the next couple of days I think! I don’t think she’ll eat them, she is very, very leery to try anything new. The sheep (our sheep) don’t like to eat anything that is not their typical food! Once I made them homemade treats from a sheep book with all kinds of good things, molasses, oats, etc., -they were afraid of them! I’m glad you enjoyed the chat and thank you so much, Carol!

    • chewing is good, Tim! That means she is ruminating, bringing up her cud, good digestion happening! So if you hear someone say, “I’m ruminating on that”, it means that they’re sort of in that meditative, chewing-your-cud zen-zone that you see Laurel in – not stressed, thoughtful…contemplating…When I sit with the sheep while they’re resting, chewing their cud, it settles me down inside!

  18. I see you tammy! Hope you get some sleep tonight. Let me know if you need any milking or fretting or ewe-holding or anything;)

    • Oh I was out there checking on a ‘false alarm!’ I’d gotten an email that sent me sort of running out to check on her, because my friend thought she was in labor, getting ready to deliver a lamb last night! I’ll let you know, Kerry, if I can use a fretting/milking/ewe-holding partner -you are definitely my go-to for all things problem-lambing concerned! Thank you, my friend!

    • Yes, Tim, she sure is! Let’s hope she doesn’t have any trouble delivering! Thanks for being such a dedicated fan! Won’t it be exciting when we have lambs to watch?!

    • ! That is so funny, Kathleen! Yay for a new little ram lamb!!! Thanks for watching, I’m glad you got to see her lamb finally!!

  19. could you guys sing songs to pass the time while everyone is waiting? Something soothing, of course, for a mom in labor

    • you know she’s not going to freshen while you guys are all watching! We have goats who wait until we aren’t around. Must keep their legs crossed!

      • It’s true! We decided to give her some off time because of that, and that’s when she lambed 🙂

    • Yes, Jennifer! We definitely could sing songs! We were both so tired…waiting…last night there was little sleep because our pony is having complications right now, too. But we didn’t sing songs, did we?! 🙂 Thanks for viewing!

  20. How great was that?! Laurel and Manny are just the best, and so are you for sharing this amazing moment with us all! Congratulations on a beautiful little lamby.

  21. I am impressed by the thick clean bedding in the stalls and the pastures on Lamb Cam and Instagram. You truly respect your animals!

    • Awww, Sherry, thanks! I care an awful lot about their bedding. It’s a lot of work. I’ll talk a little more about it tonight and thank you for the comment!!!!!

  22. Tammy- I wish I could have made it over to say ” Happy Birthday ” in person today! Enjoy the cake you made. Have fun tonight.

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