Mary Jane travels the world to study traditional knitting techniques and to learn more about the history of the craft. She’s a popular teacher specializing in lively, fun and informative classes. She feels lucky to be invited to teach all over the world, and is eager to share knitting knowledge with her students. She aims to give students the courage to try something new!

Mary Jane’s inventive handknitting designs are featured in many books and magazines as well as here on her website.  Follow her on Instagram and keep up with her classes and trips here.

Annie Rowden

Annie Rowden, originally from England, now finds herself on the very Northern Coastline of California, where she and her husband are goat dairy farmers. She taught herself how to knit one dark winter living in Finland. It came so easily and naturally it seemed like she knew how to all along [maybe her Grandmother’s genes have something to do with that], and she has been knitting ever since.  She is an accomplished designer, as well, and has published many knitwear designs on Ravelry under the byAnnieClaire title or in partnership with Ashley Yousling of Woolful through Little Woolens. She strives to provide an opportunity for people to connect with where their yarn comes from. By supporting local, small flock farms she hopes to help grow the true farm yarn name. Whilst it is no longer a huge part of what she does, she occasionally has available in her etsy shop some of her naturally dyed yarn. Without the use of chemicals, she dyes locally sourced wool with the natural pigment found in the plants and flowers about her farm and home.Whilst she dreams of raising her own flock to grow all the wool she could ever need, ultimately, she hopes to tighten the gap between pasture and pullover.

While at Wing & A Prayer Farm this spring, Annie will be best supporting actress in her presentation of natural floral and herbal preparations in a variety of uses of foraged and natural items.  The “star” as she puts it, is the flower or herb in use.  From tea to tincture, from edible to dyeable, salve to soap, we’ll be exploring the gifts of nature and how to derive the essence and goodness of simple blooms.

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