Bios for New England Fiber Art Summit at Wing & A Prayer Farm

Lori Ann Graham

Lori Ann Graham is an exquisite fiber artist/maker in Carpinteria, California where she deftly turns out one gorgeous handmade item after another, thoughtfully and precisely crafted.  Her knitting and sewing accomplishments leave one awestruck and her journals have captivated thousands.  In her interview with Making Magazine, Lori tells of her history of making and special moments in her studio and life, which you can read about here.  Follow her on Instagram to see her beautiful work.  She will be teaching journaling from tips of how she keeps journals for knitting and traveling and will walk you through the crafting of your own special books with handsewing amongst other methods of piecing and embellishing a personal creation. All materials will be provided, you may bring your own books/journals for the workshop or choose from the provisions.

Carrie Hoge – Making Magazine

Carrie Hoge/Maddermade

Carrie Bostick Hoge is a designer of knit patterns, photographer, editor and designer of Madder and Making Magazine, a publication for knitters and makers.  She lives in Maine with her husband, two daughters, three cats, and four chickens. She works on publishing Madder knit patterns books at her studio in Brunswick, ME. Carrie and Ashley Yousling will be collaborating to share stories and presentations of their works and walks with artists and farmers along their fiber journeys. Carrie’s extensive publishing and design experience will provide an opportunity to learn from her expertise.  Follow Carrie on Instagram for beautiful images from her works here and here.

Gudrun Johnston

Gudrun Johnston was born in Shetland in the 70’s while her mother, Patricia Johnston, was running the successful knitwear design company, The Shetland Trader.  Thirty years later – and now living in the United States – Gudrun has followed in her mother’s footsteps. She has made a name for herself among a new generation of knitwear designers, using the internet to directly interact with an international community of knitters.  Gudrun revived the use of The Shetland Trader name and publishes this website under this logo. She has self published two collections of knitwear inspired by the Shetland islands, The Shetland Trader Book One and Book Two and also collaborated with one of her favorite yarn companies, Quince & Co to publish a Mother and Daughter knitwear collection called Knit With Me.  Gudrun has also been published in several prominent magazines online, including Brooklyn Tweed, Twist Collective, Amirisu and Knitty.  Gudrun often includes aspects of her Shetland heritage in her designs, mostly utilizing traditional lace patterns in a contemporary context. She also loves to design using seamless construction and is always adding new techniques to her seamless knitting skills. Most recently she is exploring Fair Isle knitting.

As well as teaching all over the world Gudrun now runs fiber related trips to the Shetland Islands.

Follow Gudrun’s Instagram or her online website, The Shetland Trader.

While with us in Vermont, Gudrun will be teaching a mini version of a traditional Shetland hap during her classes in addition to a tips & tricks class and a special presentation with Mary Jane Mucklestone on their trips to Shetland.

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Mary Jane Mucklestone is a hand knitting designer who likes the process of knitting as much as the product she makes. She  loves to knit, especially with color. She’s the author of 2 new books featuring stranded colorwork; the stitch dictionary 150 Scandinavian Motifs, and Fair Isle Style a contemporary take on colorwork featuring 20 projects from 18 popular designers. Her first book 200 Fair Isle Motifs was an instant classic and has been translated into many languages.

Mary Jane travels the world to study traditional knitting techniques and to learn more about the history of the craft. She’s a popular teacher specializing in lively, fun and informative classes. She feels lucky to be invited to teach all over the world, and is eager to share knitting knowledge with her students. She aims to give students the courage to try something new!

Mary Jane’s inventive handknitting designs are featured in many books and magazines as well as here on her website.  Follow her on Instagram and keep up with her classes and trips here.

Annie Rowden

Annie Rowden, originally from England, now finds herself on the very Northern Coastline of California, where she and her husband are goat dairy farmers. She taught herself how to knit one dark winter living in Finland. It came so easily and naturally it seemed like she knew how to all along [maybe her Grandmother’s genes have something to do with that], and she has been knitting ever since.  She is an accomplished designer, as well, and has published many knitwear designs on Ravelry under the byAnnieClaire title or in partnership with Ashley Yousling of Woolful through Little Woolens. She strives to provide an opportunity for people to connect with where their yarn comes from. By supporting local, small flock farms she hopes to help grow the true farm yarn name. Whilst it is no longer a huge part of what she does, she occasionally has available in her etsy shop some of her naturally dyed yarn. Without the use of chemicals, she dyes locally sourced wool with the natural pigment found in the plants and flowers about her farm and home.Whilst she dreams of raising her own flock to grow all the wool she could ever need, ultimately, she hopes to tighten the gap between pasture and pullover.

While at Wing & A Prayer Farm this spring, Annie will be best supporting actress in her presentation of natural floral and herbal preparations in a variety of uses of foraged and natural items.  The “star” as she puts it, is the flower or herb in use.  From tea to tincture, from edible to dyeable, salve to soap, we’ll be exploring the gifts of nature and how to derive the essence and goodness of simple blooms.

Follow Annie’s blog here, on Ravelry or Instagram.

Ashley Yousling/Woolful

Ashley Yousling lived in beautiful North Idaho, with her loyal companions David, Coltrane & Jude. She has been a maker since she was a child, creating things she found interesting and beautiful, and sharing them with the world in hopes they would find them valuable as well. Her creative endeavors have taken many paths, starting in music, then leading to a design career in the digital space, designing experiences for a music service and now working at a startup.

In 2013 she became a mom. Intent on not losing her identity or aspirations as a woman or creative, these past couple years have taken her on a wild ride of learning and at times failing to do both.

Sometimes it feels as though she leads a secret life. While her affection for knitting is no secret, most don’t understand it. How it’s both a comforting diversion and labor of love. How it’s an obsession not only in the craft, but in the medium itself…fiber. Particularly wool in her case. This is in small part why Woolful was created. To help inform and inspire. Her fiber journey has taken many turns and each year it becomes more and more apparent that a life around fiber is where she is meant to be. In 2015, she and David bought a 40 acre ranch in North Idaho, with the hopes and plans of building a fiber mill, a flock of sheep, and becoming soil experts, amongst the myriad of other animals.

Whatever your walk of life, locale or creative pursuits, she loves to hear about your journey, your thoughts and your passions. Ashley designs for knitwear as well as advocating for knitters and farmers the world over.  Her designs on Ravelry under her name are beautiful and supportive of sustainably raised wool and fiber.  Her designs in collaboration with Annie Rowden under “Little Woolens” are whimsical and adorable and lovely.  Thoughtfully and intelligently compiled into the Woolful Podcast, Ashley is sharing fiber journeys from all over the world with thousands of listeners who are enlightened and entertained.  Ashley & Carrie Hoge will be sharing the stage while at our farm for the New England Fiber Art Summit when they collaborate to share stories and presentations of their works and walks with artists and farmers.