Turkey Wild Rice Pumpkin Soup

A delicious and hearty way to prepare some of your Thanksgiving leftovers. Though it is not specifically in the recipe, if you have half-containers of leftover vegetables that you think would make great add-ins, this soup is a wonderful catch-all.  I am prone to stacking the refrigerator with leftovers in unidentified pseudo-Tupperware containers that will attack you when you open the door.  Whatever fell out on me ended up in our soup this week(well, not really WHATever, because I think that jellied cranberry sauce would’ve been a game-changer.)


2 tblsp. butter or olive oil – eyeball this because the idea is to saute the vegetables without them sticking to the bottom of the pan.  People, if you need to add a bit more, it is fine! Do not be a slave to the recommendation.

1/2 cup chopped onions (or so, because when have you chopped an onion and had it come out to exactly the required amount needed for a recipe?  If you have a bit more, or a bit less, then just go with it.  Also, you knew this already.)

1/2 cup sliced celery (Some one made sure there was NO celery in the house when I made this!  We have a small faction of anti-celerists living here. However, I did have some celery seed in the drawer – about a teaspoon will do.  I also had plenty of onion.)

4 cups turkey broth (which you got from the stock that you made off of the turkey carcass you had leftover from Thanksgiving dinner – PLEASE don’t tell me you got rid of the carcass before you simmered the bejeezus out of it for the best stock in your pantry’s life.)

1 can (16) oz solid-pack pumpkin(I used my own roasted pumpkin, additionally I used leftover pureed sweet potatoes, and, in fact, I double the additional pumpkin/sweet potatoes. Also, guess what?  There were candied pecans & a streusel topping on the leftover sweet potatoes.  The soup didn’t mind this a bit.)

2 cups cubed cooked turkey

2 cups cooked wild rice

1 cup half and half

1 tsp. seasalt

1/2 tsp. pepper

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon


Cook and stir butter, onions and celery in Dutch oven over medium heat until vegetables are crisp-tender, about 5 minutes.  Add broth and pumpkin.  Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes.  Stir in turkey, rice, half and half, salt and cinnamon.  Heat to serving temperature; do not boil.

Serve on a cold afternoon or evening with leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches, or leftover Thanksgiving breads, or just as is.  Our family loves this soup.  Every year.

Wing & A Prayer Farm's favorite way to combine Thanksgiving leftovers

Wing & A Prayer Farm’s favorite way to combine Thanksgiving leftovers

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