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Cherry pies and more for the guests

Mon Cheri Cherry

 Pie Menu

Apple-y Ever After – cinnamon, vanilla, sliced apples, & a pat of butter for the win


Berry Berry Quite Contrary – blueberries, blackberries, raspberries & strawberries with a suggestion of cinnamon: fruity and juicy and redolent of barefoot summers in the berry patch


Blackberry Forest – Blackberry filling, under a chocolate pie crust – it’s true


Hello Country Pumpkin – Good old fashioned pumpkin custard pie, spicy and homey, a fall favorite


Mon Cheri Cherry – Lattice-topped, juicy cherry filling in a buttery crust for a summery-field trip


Much Ado About Strawberry Rhu –Our number one selling pie, local rhubarb & strawberries celebrate a marriage of sweet and tart personalities


Much Ado About Mixed-Berry Rhu – For those folk who would agree that local rhubarb and ANY berries is a beyond-civil union


Peachin’ to the Choir – A peach-packed pie, sweetened with demerara sugar and a hint of nutmeg


Pearway to Heaven – succulent, sliced pears with vanilla and ginger & a Vermont maple crumb topping – a slice of heaven (you don’t even have to be a Led Zeppelin fan)


Pecan You Feel The Love Tonight? – Pecans with maple in a whole grain pie shell, loaded with local eggs & maple syrup for a rich, sweet treat.


Raspberry Beret –Our favorite 90+ year old neighbor tends his berry patch faithfully from year to year & sends his bumper crop our way.

Prince wrote that song for this pie(wink! wink!)


Wild Blueberry Yonder – Blueberry pie with a kiss of lemon for freshness & nutmeg for sass


Our pies are made mostly with fruit fillings from local growers, whom we barter or buy from. Our Grandma Brown’s recipe is used in the homemade crusts with our own eggs and the best organic or non-GMO flours, fillers & spices that we can get our hands on.


In our kitchen, year round, you might catch any one of the White family in the process of preparing fresh fruit, rolling out crusts or pulling pies from our ovens to cool in the pie safe on the front porch for orders at Clear Brook Farms, local Farmers’ markets, Friday/Pie Day, parties, weddings or other events. Email or call ahead to order. All pies are 9” and cost $14/each


983 Myers Road – Shaftsbury, VT   05262 802-233-6031 jtwhite5@me.com

2 responses to “Pie Menu

  1. My gosh – these are making me drool! Tammy, you continue to inspire me every time I see an update of all you are doing! Everything looks so beautiful and creative, and some day I want to be just like you when I grow up!!! 🙂 Love, Aislinn

    • Aislinn, you old flatterer you! I think YOU’RE the one I want to be like when I grow up! You’re such an inspiration, we talk about you and Matthew & the kiddos all the time. We were talking about your parents the other day and their cool house – were your ears ringing? XOXO to you, the fam, Love, Tammy

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